On the spot
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  • Kyat is the official currency in Burma.
  • Note that only new, untainted, undisclosed and unfolded tickets will be accepted for change in the local currency.
  • This currency only gathers notes and no coins. You can find tickets for 100, 200, 500, 1000, 5,000 and 10,000.
  • The current exchange rate is 1 EUR = 1,700 MMK (and 1 USD = 1,470 MMK).
  • To call Burma from France dial 00 95 + city code (without the 0) + number of the correspondent.
  • To call France from Burma, dial 00 33 + number of the correspondent (without the 0).
  • You will find many vending machines in the big cities but also in small towns and sites frequented by tourists. Many banks and exchange offices will be at your disposal to allow you to change your euros without problem.
  • Withdrawals are capped at a certain amount, in Burma it is 300 000 kyat (about 300 euros).
  • However, plan enough cash on you and avoid the number of withdrawals too frequently, as you will be charged a commission (on the spot as well as by your bank).
  • You will find an internet connection very easily in cybercafés, airports, shops, hotels and restaurants.
  • It is true that Internet connections are growing in Burma, but they are still of mediocre quality.
  • In the countryside, the connection is more restricted, but almost all hotels have their own Internet connection (sometimes the connection is very slow), but it is always possible to stay connected during your trip.
  • Be sure to think about disabling your "Cellular Data" on your mobile abroad to avoid the bad surprise of the bill when you return to France.
  • If you want to stay connected, you can also buy a prepaid local sim card and buy one of the packages offered by many operators in Burma (Telenor, MPT, MC Tel, Oredoo). Be careful though, because you will not be able to receive your messages and calls on your usual number.
  • Be very careful about the water you drink. Never drink tap water, always drink bottled water and check that it is properly capped. It is necessary to be vigilant also with ice cubes, consume exclusively cubic ice cubes or with a cylindrical hole form in the middle.
  • The car: all the vehicles used for our tours are modern and air-conditioned vehicles, which range from the classic car to the bus for 45 people.
  • The boat: between small local boats or collective boats, you can easily make cruises on the Irrawady. You will also frequently take the boat when you are at Inle Lake.
  • Airplanes: Given the size of the country and the state of some roads, you can fly regularly during your trip. The different companies in Burma are: Yangon Airways, Air Bagan, Asia Wings. Note that sometimes you will face delays or cancellations of flights.
  • Hello / Good evening: Mingalarbar
  • Goodbye: Tat tar
  • Sorry: Ngar taung pan par deh
  • Welcome: Gyo so bar deh
  • Thanks (a lot): Jay zu tin bar deh
  • I do not understand: Ngar nar ma lae bou
  • Yes / No: Hoe tale / ma hoe bou
  • No thanks: My yu tot bou. Jay zu bae
  • Nothing: Ya bar deh
  • How much is it ? : Dar bé lao lè?
  • I would like to buy ... this, this one: Ngar ... wal chin deh

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