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THE NATIONAL CURRENCY: the Vietnamese dong (VND).

Many current transactions are made in cash. It is easy to find ATMs in the big cities (distributors in Vietnam take a charge on withdrawals, in addition to the costs of your bank). It is advisable to take precautions for stays in rural areas or smaller cities, taking enough cash on oneself.

There are banknotes of 500,000, 200,000, 100,000, 50,000, 20,000, 10,000, 5,000, 2,000, 1,000 and 500 VND.
The current exchange rate is 1 EUR = 27 000 VND (and 1 USD = 23 000 VND).


To call Vietnam from France dial 00 84 then the number of the correspondent.
To call France from Vietnam, dial 00 33 then the number of the correspondent without the initial zero.


You will find many vending machines in the big cities, but also in small towns and sites frequented by tourists.


You will find an internet connection very easily in airports, cafes, hotels and restaurants.
In contrast, in the countryside, the connection is more restricted, but almost all hotels have their own Internet connection, so it is always possible to stay connected during your trip.

Be sure to think about disabling your "Cellular Data Abroad" to avoid the bad surprise of the bill when you return to France.
If you want to stay connected, you can also buy a prepaid local sim card and buy one of the packages offered by many operators (Viettel, Mobifone, Vinafone ...), be careful anyway because you will not be able to receive your messages and calls on your usual number.


Vietnamese legislation is particularly severe in the face of drug trafficking offenses. Indeed, the Vietnamese Penal Code provides that anyone found in possession of more than 100 grams of heroin or cocaine, or more than 5 kg of opium, or more than 75 kg of cannabis, is liable to 'life imprisonment or the death penalty.

In order to avoid pickpocketing during your trip, we encourage you to follow a few simple rules. If you have valuable items or a lot of cash, put them in the hotel safe so they will be safe. It is also not recommended to bring valuables to the beach or, if there is no choice, to stay close to your belongings in order to monitor them.


Be very careful about the water you drink. Never drink tap water as it is not drinkable. Always drink bottled water, and check that it is properly capped. It is also necessary to be vigilant with ice cubes: only use ice cubes with a cubic shape or with a cylindrical hole in the middle.

Avoid the consumption of raw or undercooked food products (fish, meat, poultry, milk); peel fruits or vegetables, or wash them well with clean water.

  • Hello / Good evening: xin chào 
  • Goodbye: tạm biệt 
  • Sorry: xin lỗi 
  • I do not understand: tôi không hiểu 
  • Thank you: cảm ơn 
  • Yes / No: có / không 
  • How much is it ? : giá bảo nhiều? 
  • I would like to buy ... this, this one: Tôi muốn mua cái này 
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