Before leaving
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  • NATIONAL CURRENCY: RenMinBi (CNY), also called yuan or kuai.
  • The EUR / CNY exchange can be done directly in international airports as well as in the main branches of the Bank of China, or in some large hotels, a commission will be expected.
  • Today, euros and dollars are accepted in the majority of banks, attention all the same the week-end it remains difficult to change euros, so plan well dollars which are them accepted 7d / 7.
  • We advise you to always have cash on you in the local currency because the credit card is only rarely accepted.
  • The current exchange rate is 1 CNY = 0.13 EUR
  • To call China from France, dial 00 86 + city code (without the 0) + number of the correspondent.
  • To call France from China, dial 00 33 + number of the correspondent (without the 0).
  • You'll find an internet connection quite easily in the cybercafés of the big cities of Yunnan, but these are often quite noisy because most of the customers play in a network. Connecting to the Internet varies from one cybercafe to another and can cost you around 2 yuan / hour. You can also access the internet in some restaurants, airports, and some big shops.
  • In contrast, in the countryside, the connection is more restricted, but almost all hotels have their own Internet connection, so it is always possible to stay connected during your trip.
  • Be sure to disable your "Cellular Data Abroad" to avoid the bad surprise of the bill when you return to France.
  • If you want to stay connected, you can also buy a prepaid local sim card and buy one of the packages offered by many operators (China Mobile or China Unicom), be careful anyway because you will not be able to receive your messages and calls on your number usual.
  • Regarding withdrawals in vending machines, it is still very difficult today to find in major cities, however you can directly go to the bank counters to withdraw; You will be asked to present your credit card as well as your passport.
  • ATMs are growing in Yunnan, but withdrawals with CB are only possible in Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Jinghong or Jianshui.
  • Once you are in the Chinese territory, pay close attention to the water you drink. Indeed, running water is not drinkable, so never use tap water; Always drink bottled water and check that it is properly capped. It is necessary to be vigilant also with ice cubes, consume exclusively cubic ice cubes or with a cylindrical hole form in the middle.
  • Once there, you will have the choice to take different modes of transport:
  • The car: All the vehicles used for our tours are modern and air-conditioned vehicles, which range from the classic car to the bus for 45 people. Express lanes exist today, connecting Kunming to Dali and Lijiang, as well as Baoshan and Jinghong south.
  • The planes: To know that in China, airport taxes are not included in the price of the plane ticket. Before flying to China, you will be asked to have cash to pay at the Airport Construction Fee counter before check-in (price to be paid: 50 yuan for domestic flights, 90 yuan for international flights).
  • The train: There is a night train that goes from Kunming to Dali, but with the exception of this train, the rail links within the province are still very limited.
  • Hello: Ni hao
  • Goodbye: Zai jian
  • Please: Qing wen
  • Thanks: Xie xie
  • Excuse me: Dui bu qi
  • I did not understand: Wo bu dong le
  • How much does it cost ? : Duoshao qian?
  • I want to buy ...: Wo xiang mai ...
  • Yes / No: Shi / Bushi

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