The most beautiful places of Vietnam and Cambodia
A trip that will make you discover Vietnam and Cambodia, crossing the most important places such as historical relics, famous monuments and beautiful landscapes. Discover the 8th wonder of the world, Halong Bay, and world heritage as the ancient capital of Hue and Hoi An old neighborhoods. Beautiful cruise : from the Red River Delta to the Mekong Delta. Actual contacts with locals via the floating market and exchanges during the drive.
Hanoi – Tam Coc – Ha Long – Hue – Hoi An – Saigon – Delta du Mekong – Siem Reap
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  • Day 1
    Arrival in Hanoi
    Hanoi also known as "Thang Long", its historical name meaning "flying dragon", was the main feudal capital of the country for hundreds of years - from the Ly Dynasty (11th century) to the dynasty of Le postérieur (late 17th century), so far the city of Hanoi still preserves the historical, traditional and typical monuments of Vietnamese culture and values of the immortal spirits of Hanoians.

    Arrival at Hanoi airport, the guide and the driver will welcome you and proceed to the transfer to the city center. You will explore the city and the old quarters in a rickshaw. Then you will go to Hoan Kiem Lake (Lake of the Restored Sword) and you will listen to his legend. Foreigners cannot miss when they arrive in Hanoi because this lake is considered to be the heart of the city. Small visit of the Jade Temple and the Brush tower. Lunch or welcome dinner (according to arrival time).

    Option: If you don’t want to visit the city right after because of the long flight, we will suggest you a massage. You will have one hour to relax, extra cost of 15$ per person will be ask.

    Included meals: lunch and dinner.

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  • Day 2
    Hanoi. Visit of the city
    You will go to the Literature Temple. This is an important monument since it is considered as the first university of Vietnam. By visiting the temple, you can watch the old objects that reflect the past kingdoms of Thang Long.

    Lunch in a local restaurant.

    In the afternoon, you will visit the Ethnographic museum in which is retraced the ethnic minorities life in Vietnam. The objects, houses, clothes, documents are gathered among the museum. You will have the opportunity to enter in the long house of Ede, Jarai the Rong house or the earthen house of Ha Nhi. You will arrive at the Tran Quoc Pagoda (the pagoda of the defense of the Fatherland), which was built in the 6th century under the Ly Antérieur Dynasty. It was the Buddhist center of the Thang Long Citadel during the dynasties of Ly, Tran (for about 250 years). Currently, it still preserves many ancient artifacts : the Buddhist canonical books, statutes, bells and drums... You will hear the story of the founding and development of Buddhism in Vietnam, a religion with a national character. In addition, you will have the opportunity to explore the charm of the West Lake Pagoda which is located on the side of the lake. You will feel the rhythm of the daily Hanoian life entering the old quarters. Although the city is becoming more and more dynamic, active and modern, we can still feel past vibrations in the neighborhood of the 36 streets : the Kim Ngan Dinh (communal house jewelry), the old house at 87 Ma May, Hoan Kiem Lake, temple of Jade, the Brush tower. 

    By late afternoon, you will attend a water puppet show. This is a traditional Vietnamese art that combines folk music and actions of wooden puppets.

    Dinner in a local restaurant and night at the hotel.

    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Note: For nightly Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday you will have the opportunity to watch the Ca Tru show and have the opportunity to try the Vietnamese musical instruments.

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  • Day 3
    Hanoï-Ninh Binh-Tam Coc
    At 95 km away from Hanoi in Ninh Binh province, there is a large number of rich historical heritages of Vietnam, as it was the ancient capital of the country according to the 11th century. Ninh Binh attracts visitors with its historic highness, and culturally rich destination.

    At Ninh Binh, visit the most authentic sights of this beautiful province Kenh Ga (natural hot springs), Thung Nang (Sun Valley) with a portion of the inland Halong Bay, Tam Coc (three caves also named the HaLong Bay inland), Thai Vi temple, Pagoda Bich Dong. After breakfast you will go to Ninh Binh. Arrival in Hoa Lu, visit the ancient capital of Vietnam under the Ly Dynasty and Le antérieur. Discovery of two temples dedicated to the Dinh and Le Kings. 

    Lunch in a local restaurant.

    Then you will go on an excursion in a rowing boat on the River Tam Coc (three caves). The cruise will last approximately 2 hours. Tam Coc is a small village whose inhabitants organize walks on the Ngo Dong River. You will see the rocks having the same appearance as Phoenix in mandarin hat, turtle. It will be beautiful. Sometimes the river will merge with rice fields and give you the impression of riding a real sea. Such a nice cruise ! By late afternoon, bike ride to visit Bich Dong Pagoda and the Temple of Thai Vy.

    Dinner in town and night at the hotel.

    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

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  • Day 4
    Tam Coc –Bai Tu Long Bay
    Halong Bay is known as the 8th wonder of the world thanks to its magnificent landscapes, beautiful caves, pure air and rich of biodiversity. Having a 1500 square meters area, more than 3,000 limestone islands, Halong Bay is a truly surprising destination. 

    You will take the road to the city of Ha Long. Arrival at the port of Halong Bay you will board on a Pelican Cruises junk, then have a welcome cocktail and a presentation of the cruise ship. Installation in the cabin, and then you will have lunch while watching the scenic bay. The cruise will take you to the caves and limestone islands. After lunch, you will visit the bat cave or you can choose to go on a rowing boat or do kayaking in the cave of the bay and enjoy silence. You might have a chance to see the monkeys in the mountains. You can swim at Soi Sim beach. Then you’ll go back on the junk, sunset contemplation in the bay. Participation in food preparation and Happy Hour program (2 drinks purchased, 1 free between 6.00pm and 7.00pm) on deck. Dinner on board. It's time to have a drink at the bar, to fish squid. Watch a movie or enjoy a massage. Night on board.

    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

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  • Day 5
    Bai Tu Long Bay – Halong Bay– Hanoï. Flight to Hue.
    At dawn you can watch the sunrise while having breakfast.

    Visit the Sung Sot Cave, one of the famous caves of Halong Bay, which is on the list of the 10 most beautiful caves in the world.
    The buffet will be served when the boat returns to the dock. You can relax, sunbathe and enjoy the quiet atmosphere of Halong Bay. On the way back, the boat will go through the most beautiful part of the bay with hundreds of large and small rocky islands that have become symbols like the dog rock stony, the gamecock, etc.

    Arrival at Tuan Chau wharf and return to Hanoi. Transfer to the airport for the flight Hanoi-Hue. On arrival, welcome by your guide and driver. Check-in at the hotel. Dinner and night at the hotel.

    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner
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  • Day 6
    Hue. Visit of the city
    Hue is the ancient capital of Vietnam under the Nguyen Dynasty. Hue has a simple beauty, taciturn and quiet with the sun covering the red roofs of the royal palaces. Perfume River increased the romance of the city every sunset.

    After breakfast, you will board at the Toa Kham wharf for a cruise on the Perfume River. You will disembark to visit the Thien Mu pagoda - the symbol of Hue city. The pagoda is located on the hill. You will walk step by step on the stairs listening to the legend of the heavenly Lady. The river is like a mirror embracing the pagoda. Lunch on site and following the visit of Hue with the historical sites : the Imperial City, the mausoleum of Tu Duc, Minh Mang mausoleum.

    Return to Hue. Dinner and night at the hotel.

    Included meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
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  • Day 7
    Hue - Da Nang - Hoi An
    You will continue your tour to Hoi An - one of the main ports of Vietnam in the 17th and 18th centuries.

    You will ascend the hill of Hai Van (Hill clouds). From above, you will be able to watch the beautiful coastal landscapes of the Centre. Stop at Da Nang - colonial Touran to visit the Cham Museum, which houses a large collection of sculptures typical of Champa Kingdoms. 

    Arrival in Hoi An - a city with the old quarters regarded as one of the 8 heritages of Vietnam by UNESCO. Passengers, travelers, merchants... there are lots of people but older homes are still hiding in a quiet space. Yellow walls and small shops represent the traditional face of Hoi An. 

    You will have some free time for private discoveries. Free diner.

    Night at the hotel.

    Included meals: breakfast and lunch

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  • Day 8
    Hoi An – Go Noi – Hoi An
    Go Noi is located 15 km away from Hoi An, a district in Quang Nam province considered as the territory of the hero and as a historical territory. After breakfast, you will go to Go Noi in order to visit the villages of the Centre. 

    Arrival at Go Noi. You'll meet the host family. They will offer you a green tea. Villagers are simple, warm and they like to share their lives with travelers. 

    Start your bike ride with the guide by visiting the quiet landscape of the village and by observing the daily activities of the inhabitants. On the edges of the roads, you will see the dried corn, feel the aroma of rice and vegetable fields. Short stop to visit a weaving workshop, then you will visit an oil factory. Head to the quiet river Tau Cao for a cruise during which you will admire the magnificent scenery. On the way back, we will stop in a small shop to buy noodles. They will also be served at lunch and you will cook them with the family members ! They will teach you how to make the dish My Quang, a specialty of Quang Nam.

    In the afternoon, you will return to Hoi An and continue to discover the beauty of the city. The guide will take you in the Phuc Thanh pagoda, the oldest in Hoi An which was built in 1454 by a Chinese monk, the Japanese bridge, the town hall Phuoc Kien, and the traditional house of Tan Ky.

    Dinner and night at the hotel.

    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

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  • Day 9
    Hoi An - Da Nang. Flight to Saigon
    You will return to Da Nang for you flight to Saigon. 

    Speaking of Saigon, we immediately think of a big city, bustling with shopping malls, tall buildings, which never sleeps. But in depth, the city reveals its "precious pearls" - historical, cultural testimonies expressing the life and spirit of the local people. 

    Arrival in Saigon. Meeting with your guide and your driver. Check-in at the hotel. Lunch in a local restaurant and discovery of the city. 

    Visit the Hindu Temple Mariaman : the temple is located in the middle of Saigon, we recognize it through its native architecture and mystical. It is appreciated as a famous heritage among three current Hindu monuments in Saigon. This is the place where we practised the Mariaman cult - Indian woman genius. By visiting this temple, visitors can watch the statutes, sculptures, antiques, listen to the story of the foundation, and discover the spirits of the temple. 

    Then you will head to the mosque at number 66 Dong Du Street. The mosque is one of the Islamic centers, which was built as early as in Saigon in 1935. The mosque attracts many believers and tourists. Its architecture is simple, spacious and airy with arches, columns and long corridors that symbolize the typical Indian art. Outside the religious function, the mosque is still the place where public activities are organized and where children learn about the ideologies of the Koran. You will be able to go and watch believers pray every friday. A Muslim spectacle in the heart of Saigon. 

    In the evening, we will take you on the Indochina junk for a romantic dinner. You will spend a romantic moment in a charming and intimate space. You will make a 2-hour cruise on the Saigon River and admire the city on the other side. While tasting wine and specialties, you will look at the buildings full of lights as bright as crystals. You’ll feel a romantic and poetic Saigon. Night at the hotel.

    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

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  • Day 10
    Saigon - Cai Be – Tra On
    After breakfast at your hotel, you will go to the Mekong Delta.

    Arrival in Cai Be, welcome drink, introduction to both ship and crew, installation in the cabin. You will go to Cho Lach. Lunch on board during the trip. Rest on the upper deck next to the bar. Visit of a village on the bank of the river Mang Thit, an opportunity to get closer to the local lifestyle and the hospitality of the locals. Visit orchards and rice fields nearby.

    Back on board, free cocktail. Rest on the deck watching the sunset. Dinner on board and romantic night over the water.

    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner
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  • Day 11
    Tra On - Can Tho - Sai Gon. Flight to Siemreap
    Breakfast will be available from 6.30am while the boat will sail to the floating market of Tra On then to the floating market of Cai Rang in Can Tho.

    Transfer to a local boat to visit the market, streams and orchards. Back to the Ninh Kieu Wharf. Landing. Lunch and drive to Saigon. Transfer to the airport for your flight Saigon-Siemriep. On arrival, you will be welcomed by your guide and your driver. Check-in at the hotel. Night at the hotel.

    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner
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  • Day 12
    Visit of Siem Reap
    Visit Angkor Thom, a vast architectural complex which is accessed by five monumental gates and includes in its center the Bayon. It is famous for its towers with 172 faces of Avalokitesvara. Walk on the grounds of the Royal Palace where the sanctuary of Phimeanakas is and discover the terrace of Elephants and the Leper King.

    Lunch in town.

    Afternoon devoted to Angkor Wat, a huge funerary temple built in the 12th century. The architecture, statuary and reliefs mark the peak of Khmer art. Ascent the Phnom Ba Kheng and watch the sunset throughout the site.

    Dinner and night at the hotel.

    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

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  • Day 13
    Visit of Siem Reap
    In the morning, you will visit the pre-Angkorian temples (from the 9th century) of Roluos : Bakong, Prah Ko and Lolei. Followed by the visit of the most amazing temples of all of Angkor which are the Ta Prohm, Ta keo, lost in lush vegetation and small temples of Neak Pean, Preah Khan, Thommanon and large basins (the Baray). Night at hotel.

    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

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  • Day 14
    Siem Reap –Tonlé Sap Lake. Return flight
    Continuing with the tour at the center of the silk where is raised silkworms and where they still weave silk with old method with stunning Khmers designs.Transfer to the airport for your return flight.

    Included meals: breakfast
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TRAVEL PRICE (Prix par personne en EUR)
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(price per person in EURO)
These prices are valid until 09/30/2020
  • The estimated budget for this trip is from 1 441 € / person.
  • Talking about fixed prices when discussing about a personalized trip makes little sense. Indeed, it varies depending on many factors (quality of services, period, turnaround time and many more).
  • The only exact price will be the one of your personalized quote.
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  • A supplement will be added to the price of your trip during the period of Christmas and New Year (from 24 of December 2020 to 04 of January 2021), as well as during the period of the festivities for Tet (from 10 of February to 17 of February 2021)

City name/ List of hotels Standard Superior Deluxe
La Beaute de Hanoi Hotel***
(Deluxe Room)
MK Premium boutique hotel****
(Deluxe Room)
Hôtel de l’Opéra Hanoï*****
(Deluxe Room)
Nam Hoa Hotel***
(Superior Room)
Tam Coc Rice Fields Resort ***
(Bungalow Garden View)
Tam Coc Garden****
(Superior Room)
Jonque Pelican ****
(Deluxe cabin)
Jonque Pelican ****
(Deluxe cabin)
Jonque Pelican ****
(Deluxe cabin)
Gold Hue Hotel***
(Deluxe Room)
Romance Hue Hotel****
(Deluxe Room)
Imperial Hue Hotel*****
(Deluxe City View)
Aurora Hotel***
(Superior Room)
Thanh Binh Riverside Hotel****
(Deluxe Garden View)
Palm Garden Resort*****
(Superior Garden View)
Beautiful Saigon
(Superior room)
Harmony hotel
(premier deluxe room) https://www.harmonysaigonhotel.com/en/rooms.html
Grand Hotel*****
(Deluxe City View)
Bassac boat
(private cabin)
Angkor Holiday hotel***
(Superior room)
Saem Siemriep hotel***
(Deluxe room)
Victoria Angkor*****
(Superior room)

These prices include
  • Transport by road with a private vehicle and air conditioned.
  • Accommodations as mentioned in the program and breakfast included
  • Domestic flights with Vietnam airlines in economy class with airport taxes : Hanoi – Hue ; Da Nang - Sai Gon
  • International flight in economy class Sai Gon – Siemriep with Vietnam Airlines or Cambodia Angkor Air
  • Meals included in the program
  • Professional guide during the whole trip except during free time
  • Entrance fees for the visits mentioned in the program
  • Excursion on a shared junk in Halong Bay
  • Excursion on the Bassac boat on the Mekong delta
  • Excursion in private boat in Hue and Siem Reap
These prices do not include
  • International flights
  • Airport taxes
  • Visa  fees to the Vietnamese Embassy, in your country or at the airport
  • Supplements for late or early check-in/check-out in the hotels
  • Beverages, tip and personal expenses
  • Insurances and assistance
  • Every other service that has not been mentioned as « included »
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