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Yunnan, located in the extreme southwest of China, is a province known as the most beautiful in the country. It is bordered by the borders of Tibet, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar. Its proximity to all these countries gives it a remarkable identity and a flawless authenticity, and allows it to distinguish itself from the other Chinese provinces. Yunnan has many surprises to offer, including ethnic minorities, small authentic villages, numerous temples and lush nature. With its tropical forests in the south of the province and the Tibetan peaks in the north, Yunnan is undoubtedly one of the most varied and wonderful regions of China, and promises you a stay rich in nature and culture, which will make your experience unforgettable. 

The region is predominantly mountainous; the highest point of Yunnan is 6,740 m above sea level, with Mount Kawagebo in the northwest of the province. The average altitude is 1,982 m above sea level, so most of your trip will be in the mountains, surrounded by nature, in a region rich in flora and fauna.

Kunming, the capital of Yunnan, is completely different from the big Chinese metropolises, such as Beijing or Shanghai: it is a real metropolis mixing modernity and respect for tradition. In the city center you will find old districts dating from the nineteenth century, traditional wooden houses; all this forms a certain image of China, which can not be found anywhere else.

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