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A logo rich in images

05/07/2019 92 Views
Behind the logos of major brands are hiding a story. Mandarin Road Escape trips not the rule.

History and Culture

The Trung Sisters, Warrior Queens of Vietnam

30/03/2020 3 Views
The legend of the Trung sisters is known in Vietnam as the first insurrection against Chinese domination, when Vietnam became a Chinese protectorate under the name of Giao Chi.

The Sherpas : kings of the mountain

20/03/2020 15 Views
Undeniably the kings of the mountain, the Sherpas in Nepal have become the ethnic group that helps mountaineers to realize their dreams of climbing the Himalayas.

Lan Xang, “The Kingdom of the Million Elephants”

17/03/2020 13 Views
The story of the “Kingdom of the Million Elephants”, the first kingdom in Laos which power radiated for about 350 years, is intrinsically linked to the development of today’s Laos.

The history behind the picture : "a monk immoles himself"

09/03/2020 13 Views
Behind this striking picture, the story of a man of unshakeable faith, a political regime in crisis, an international impact and a turning point in the history of Vietnam.

Touristic places

The White Temple, Wat Rong Khun in Chiang Rai

24/03/2020 7 Views
You have surely seen this temple somewhere, with its unique appearance and its dazzling whiteness. The Wat Rong Khun or White Temple in English is one of those unique buildings that you won’t find anywhere else!

The Thang Long Theatre and the art of water puppets

18/03/2020 9 Views
Múa (dance) rối (puppet) nước (water), meaning literally “the dance of puppets on water”, is a traditional Vietnamese art that is believed to have existed since the 11th century or so.

Mount Ijen and the most acidic lake in the world

12/03/2020 10 Views
Indonesia has many breathtaking landscapes to offer, with beaches, natural sites, monuments and wonderful landscapes. This time, we will introduce you to Mount Ijen (Kawah Ijen) and the blue flames of the most acidic lake in the world, in the centre of its crater.

Angkor's treasures part 1

04/03/2020 13 Views
Angkor has so many places to visit that we don’t know where to begin with ! In this article, we talk about the greatness of the Khmer civilization, the main monuments to see in the central part of Angkor, with our recommendations to enjoy your visit.
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