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Our travel articles
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A logo rich in images

05/07/2019 745 Views
There is a story behind all logos of major brands . Mandarin Road Voyages is no exception.

History and Culture

The yack, a Himalayan inhabitant

16/08/2020 684 Views
Traveling to Nepal offers the unique experience of living to the rhythm of the Himalayas. You will discover the variety of landscapes, the cohabitation of many religions, the different ethnic groups, its inhabitants and... its yacks!

Coffee production in Bali

12/08/2020 639 Views
Long white sandy beaches, spectacular scenery, lush nature and a call to relaxation… This is the representation of Bali, but not that! Did you know that the Indonesian island is also famous for its coffee making? It even produces the most expensive coffee in the world: the Kopi Luwak.

Lantern Festival in Hoi An

04/08/2020 668 Views
In Vietnam, many festivals are celebrated, highlighting the religious and cultural beliefs of the country. Among these events, which today are very popular with both Vietnamese and tourists, we find the unmissable lantern festival in Hoi An. Why is this holiday today a must-see during your stay in Vietnam?

Sak Yant, the sacred tattoo

28/07/2020 1.420 Views
In the countries of South-East Asia, tattooing has a special place and represents an important significance. Some tattoos have a kind of magic and have the power to protect the tattooed, to bring him health and wealth: this tattoo is the Sak Yant. Why does it provoke such a passion? We will find out...

Touristic places

Thailand seduces the 7th art

02/07/2020 655 Views
If you are told Very Bad Trip, The Beach, The Impossible... Can you guess what these films have in common? They were all shot in Thailand! But why is Thailand so popular with the film industry and TV shootings? Discover a multicultural country with diverse landscapes and life-size Hollywood scenes.

Hue, the poetic city of Vietnam

20/04/2020 1.260 Views
Former capital of Vietnam until 1945, Hue occupies a special place in Vietnam. Compared to a living museum thanks to its rich history and the conservation of its heritage, Hue will be an unmissable stop to discover the charms of Central Vietnam!

Sigiriya, the lion rock in Sri Lanka

13/04/2020 1.284 Views
Located in the center of Sri Lanka between the cities of Dambulla and Harabane, Sigiriya is a gigantic 370 m high rock. Former monastery, then royal capital and then Buddhist monastery until its final abandonment, Sigiriya is a place filled with the magnificence of a lost civilization.

The White Temple, Wat Rong Khun in Chiang Rai

24/03/2020 723 Views
You have surely seen this temple somewhere, with its unique appearance and its dazzling whiteness. The Wat Rong Khun or White Temple in English is one of those unique buildings that you won’t find anywhere else!
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