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A logo rich in images

05/07/2019 535 Views

The Temple of Literature, a cultural symbol of Vietnam:

Built in the 11th century under the Ly dynasty, the Hanoi Temple of Literature is considered the first University of Vietnam. Originally intended for princes, the temple opened its doors to the teaching of future Mandarins. Over the centuries, the Temple of Literature has formed hundreds of them, the trace of which is still visible on the steles of the graduates of the different years.

Symbol of excellence, the Temple of Literature became a dream and a goal for feudal students. Today it is a monument of prime importance to the city of Hanoi and Vietnam. There are ancestral Vietnamese values inspired by Confucianism, which forged the talents of the country. Showing the cultural importance of the monument to the city, it also became the logo of Hanoi, the Vietnamese capital.

From idea to reality:

Based on this idea, in 2001 Mandarin Road Voyages was created as well as its logo containing the dreams and desires of an ambitious professional travel agency.

Looking at the logo of Mandarin Road Voyage, we find the typical imagination of the oriental culture intertwined with the Vietnamese symbols. Square lines and blocks symbolize the earth, while rounded lines in motion express the sky. These details illustrate the theory of «Ying and Yang» in the Vietnamese ideology. The roof of the «Pavilion of the Constellation of Beautiful Letters» (a pavilion of the Hanoi Literature Temple) is a metaphorical image of the development with the arches aiming at the sky. The brown red covers most of the logo - the colour of happiness and wealth, in the Vietnamese concept, while the yellow represents the wide open spaces, the horizon that attracts visitors. The two storks resemble the discovery of new territories rich in culture and traditions in peace, while the banian symbolizes longevity.

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