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Burma, renamed Myanmar, is a land that still remains secret and mysterious today. Myanmar is without a doubt one of the most fascinating countries in Southeast Asia.

Myanmar is the largest country in Southeast Asia, bordered by India to the northwest, China to the northeast and Laos and Thailand to the east. This extraordinary country both by its culture and its reliefs reserves you many surprises. If you want to travel to Myanmar, there is something for everyone, from cultural circuits to sports circuits.

Although Myanmar has been opening its doors to travellers for some years now, it has nevertheless retained its deep authenticity. In the centre of the country, discover a country rich in culture, history, religion and geography. Indeed, you will discover the pagoda fields of Bagan, the unmissable city of Mandalay and the great royal cities of Mingun and Sagaing. The west of the country is more reserved for relaxation: white sandy beaches, turquoise water, coconut trees and Bay of Bengal. To the south, discover the incredible capital, Rangoon and its extraordinary pagodas, without forgetting to take the road towards the famous Golden Rock that will amaze you.

You will also discover markets where the profusion of colors rivals that of the most subtle perfumes; you will meet a mosaic of ethnic groups with ever-living traditions; the wonderful landscapes of Inlé Lake are still the setting of a traditional life, between trap fishing and floating gardens.

Myanmar is a world out of time, where sincerity, hospitality and kindness punctuate the life of the locals, a world that will awaken your curiosity and leave you with wonderful memories in mind.

Have a nice trip to Myanmar !

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