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In many minds, Thailand rhymes with exoticism, a dream holiday, idyllic southern beaches, lush jungle and elephant rides … But Thailand is also Bangkok, a hyperactive and ever-growing megacity, and it is also the north with its mountain tribes and temples. All these different facets that make Thailand a fascinating country, between modernity and tradition, beaches and mountains, culture and relaxation.

Thailand, formerly known as the Kingdom of Siam, is bordered to the west and northwest by Myanmar, to the south by Malaysia, to the east by Cambodia and to the northeast by Laos. The country is bordered by two seas: the China Sea and the Andaman Sea.

The north of the country is partly covered with karst mountains and forests, many ethnic minorities live there; the north-east is the area least frequented by travellers, it is mainly made up of arid plateaus. The centre of the country is a large, densely populated fertile basin, while the south is characterized by its many beaches and idyllic islands.

The official language is Thai (with a specific alphabet), but several dialects are spoken in different regions. English is the second administrative language, and it is also the commercial language in the tourism sector.

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