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Sri Lanka

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21-09-2023 5.067 Views

At the evocation of Sri Lanka, this remote island of the Spice Road, formerly known as Ceylon, images emerge immediately: green shades of rice fields and spice gardens, sheep foaming at the edge of the beaches planted with coconut trees, green, rolling tea plantations on the side of mountains, mysterious ancient cities engulfed by the jungle, fervent crowds of Sri Lankan temples, hieratic serenity of the statues of Buddha …

Add cinnamon, precious stones, rare woods, the remnants of the British Empire, elephants, tropical moiurs and the freshness of mountainous areas, as well as the frescoes of the seductive ladies of Sigiriya. and it is immediately the Sinhala enchantment that emerges from its magic box…

Of course, the terrible images of the civil war and then of the 2004 tsunami do not disappear overnight. But for Sri Lankans and travellers alike, the page is turned. An air of renewal now blows all over the island until reaching the peninsula of Jaffna, so exotic Tamil culture.

With these invaluable testimonies of the splendour that has passed today, freed from their vegetal gangue, the phoenix Sri Lanka is finally reborn from its ashes. Sri Lankans have regained a smile and are welcoming visitors from around the world with incredible warmth.

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