Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
On the spot
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The currency used in Sri Lanka is the Sri Lankan rupee.
It is important to know that it is impossible to change the Sri Lankan currency outside the country. To do this, it is necessary to change money when arriving on the spot.
You can change your currency in exchange offices located in major cities, at airports, or in banks.
You also have the option of withdrawing money from distributors.
Some traders accept dollars but we advise you to pay in Sri Lankan foreign currency, which will be more profitable for you.
Namely: distributors are present in major cities so think about having the necessary money before leaving.
The current exchange rate is: 1 USD = 181.43 LKR

To call Sri Lanka from France, dial 00 94 + number of the correspondent (without the 0).
To call France from Sri Lanka, dial 00 33 + number of the correspondent (without the 0).
A practical and economical solution, if you want to use your mobile phone during your stay in Sri Lanka, is to buy a local prepaid SIM card, it will cost you less and you will always have news of your loved ones.

You will find an internet connection very easily in cybercafés, airports, shops, hotels and restaurants.
In contrast, in the countryside, the connection is a little more restricted, but almost all hotels have their own Internet connection, so it is always possible to stay connected during your trip.

Be very careful about the water you drink. Never drink tap water, always drink bottled water and check that it is properly capped. It is necessary to be vigilant also with the ice cubes, to consume exclusively cubic ice cubes or with a form of cylindrical hole in the middle.

Once there, you can choose between different modes of transport:
The car: all the vehicles used for our tours are modern and air-conditioned vehicles, which range from the classic car to the bus for 45 people.
The train: The Sri Lankan railway covers about 1,500 kilometers. There, the train is an excellent means of transport to discover sumptuous landscapes. The train journey in the center of the country from Kandy to Ella is considered one of the most beautiful in the world.

The languages spoken in Sri Lanka are Sinhalese (spoken by about 75% of the population) as well as Tamil (spoken by 25% of the population). Learning these languages is difficult, however we present you some words of vocabulary:
In Sinhalese:
  • Hello: Ayubowan
  • Good evening: Suba rathiyak way va
  • My name: Magae nama
  • I do not understand: Mata thayrennay nehe
  • Sorry: Samaāva
  • Thank you very much: Bohoma istout
  • Goodbye: Ayubowan
  • Yes / No: Ovou / Néhé
  • How much does it cost ? : Eekka keeyada?
In Tamil:
  • Hello: Halō
  • My name: Eṉ peyar
  • I do not understand: Eṉakku puriyavillai
  • Sorry: Maṉṉippu
  • Thank you very much: Mikavum naṉṟi
  • Goodbye: Kuṭpai
  • Yes / No: Ām / Illai
  • How much does it cost ? : Evvaḷavu celavākum?

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