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Although established under Vietnamese law, we strive, within the limits of the regulations and customs in Vietnam to respect the directives of the French law of July 13, 1992.


Unless explicitly agreed otherwise, Mandarin Voyages and its Clients and/or Agents agree that the terms and conditions for the services rendered by Mandarin Voyages to the Client, whether on an individual or a tour basis (or the “Services”), shall be governed by the General Booking Conditions set out below. All parties also agree that said General Booking Conditions shall form an entire part of the service contract, whether verbal or written, entered into together by Mandarin Voyages and the Client/Agent.
  1. Registration :
Registration for one of our tours requires the unconditional acceptance of both general and specific conditions of sale. Any confirmed booking for one of our travel products requires the buyer to make a minimum deposit payment to our bank equal to 30% of the total cost of the tour. Deposit payments can be made by:

With “One Pay”, you can make your deposit by credit card via Email
One Pay is the representative of the MasterCard Internet Gateway Service (MiGS) in Vietnam. All credit card details are processed by OnePAY in a secure environment. Your card information will be protected during the transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL /168 bit) software, which encrypts the information that you provide online. We accept online payment with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB card. After receiving your booking, we will send you an invoice for online payment by email in which there is a “payement link”.  Please kindly open this link and follow the instructions to complete the payment process.
Note : The receipt fees of 3.08% for Visa, MasterCard or JCB, and 3.85% for American Express debited by Vietnamese banks are your responsibility.
In case you input card information then you did not receive any transaction result from the payment gateway or from us. Please do not try to make other payment. Contact us to get the transaction result and confirmation of the Order
Bank transfer to the seller’s bank account, for which the buyer is responsible for any bank transmission charges:
Account of Mandarin Road’s Company Account of Mandarin Road’s
Account Name : Mandarin Road Co.,Ltd
Account No : 0011374029878 (USD)
Account No : 0011144093839 (EUR)
Bank Address : 31-33 Ngo Quyen Str., Ha Noi- Viet Nam
Account Name : DUONG QUY TU
Account No : 0301376868888  (USD)
Account No : 0301140310494 (EUR)
Bank Address : 31-33 Tran Quang Khai, Ha Noi- Viet Nam
The deposit payment should be sent as soon as possible, as the bank requires 7 to 10 days to process the transfer. 
The full payment can be arranged in the same ways:
  • If made by credit card transfer as per above, it must be received no later than 21 days before your arrival date in Vietnam.
  • In case your travel is organized by us and starts in Hanoi, you will be allow to pay the balance by credit card with an amount paid equal to the residual amount plus 1.7% of bank charges for Visa, Master card and JCB cards and 3.3 % for American Express cards. This will have to be done upon arrival in Hanoi.
If these conditions are unfulfilled, Mandarin Road reserves the right to cancel the trip and retain the deposit.
  1. Price
Prices have been calculated in USD (United States dollars). They may be revised in the event of fluctuations in freight or hotel rates or exchange rate. However, this change can be made only if one of the elements varies by more than 3% and will not be implemented within less than 30 days before the date of arrival. The trip can be canceled at no cost to the customer if the increase is greater than 5% and if notification of cancellation is received by a minimum of 21 days before the departure date.
  1. Hotels
The list of hotels with their classification is attached to each travel program. The classification corresponds to local regulations. The room booking is from noon to noon.
  1. Length of stay
The travel time is calculated from arrival at the airport to departure from the airport, or from hotel to hotel for smaller tours.  In all cases, prices are fixed and based on the number of hotel nights, not on number of hours or fractions of days. Therefore, if the first or last days are missed because of airline schedules, it will have no effect on the price of the trip. Activities on the last day will vary depending on time of departure. They will be agreed upon together with the participants.
  1. Claims
Any claim related to a trip or a stay must be made within ten days after the end of the tour by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.
  1. Travel Interruption
Whatever the reason, any interruption or abrogation of a tour, or any provision not consumed by the traveler won’t be reimbursed.
  1. Cancellation
Cancellation by a customer will entail payment of a fee according to the day of notification, as follows: more than thirty days before departure is 30usd, in addition to the cancellations fees provided by the airline. 30 to 21 days before departure is 20% of the total price, in addition to the cancellations fees provided by the airline. 20 to 8 days before departure is 45% of the total price, in addition to the cancellations fees provided by the airline. And 7 to 3 days before departure is 75% of the total price, in addition to the cancellations fees provided by the airline. Less than 3 days before departure: 100% of the total price. In cases of emergency or security that require us to cancel a tour within 21 days of departure, we will refund all payments.
  1. Formalities
The customer is informed of various administrative and health requirements, such as visas and vaccinations. This information is provided as an indication only.  Mandarin Road will not be held responsible for any changes in these requirements.  Each customer is fully responsible for checking regulations before departure and respecting them fully during the tour.  VISA: A visa is required to enter Vietnam. VACCINATION: No vaccinations are required. PRECAUTIONS: bring anti-malarial medications as appropriate (see doctor).
  1. Responsibility
Mandarin Road acts as an intermediary between the various service providers and participants to the tour. Its responsibility is clear in the following cases:
  • Acts of God or other major events (e.g., war, strikes, weather, natural disasters, and epidemics).
  • Flight delays or cancellation of flights.
  • Changes of schedules or airport delays.
  • Lateness by the traveler.
The responsibility of the airlines participating in the trip is limited and specified in their conditions of carriage. In all cases, the costs occasioned by fortuitous circumstances cannot give rise to compensation.
  1. Insurance
It is advisable that customers obtain their own insurance cancellations, medical expenses and repatriation of mortal remains, and lost luggage.
  1. Arbitrage
In case of dispute, all claims regarding Services shall first be settled by mutual discussion and understanding. If unsuccessful, then disputes, claims or litigation shall be settled by arbitration of the Vietnam International Arbitration Center (VIAC) at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.  All claims must be submitted in writing within 30 days after the end of Services.

  1. Hotels, flights and services offered are always subject to availability at the time of the booking and the confirmation of your quote.
  2. Air transport is subject to operational and security requirements that can cause delays beyond the control of Mandarin Road. Mandarin Road cannot be held responsible for changes in the schedules or itinerary from external events.
  3. We recommend you to take out cancellation insurance - Medical Assistance and Repatriation before your trip.
  4. Train times are indicative and are not contractual.
  5. The validity of your passport and visa must be in accordance with the laws of the countries visited. Allow at least one free page passport for each country visit.
  6. For reasons of safety and insurance, we strongly discourage the rental / use of ballooning, Jet Ski, two-wheeled vehicles.
  7. For triple rooms, extra bed, are very often spare beds. Sometimes, in some hotels it is impossible to put an extra bed. In this case, a single supplement will be applied.
  8. Rooms are available from 14h and check out is around 12am on the day of departure. We can offer an “early check in" or “late check-out “at extra cost on request and according to your arrival and departure times.
  9. For nights in homestay, it is often collective accommodation in a traditional house. Comfort is very basic. Mattresses, sheets, pillows and mosquito nets are usually provided. The toilets are common and sometimes it is only a tub with water and a bucket. Comfort is very limited but it is a very good experience, where you will be close to the local people.
  10. Swimming in the sea may be prohibited or discouraged during certain periods due to climatic or natural events.
  11. Some minorities still practice their traditional culture by setting fire to plots of forest to clear and to grow up plants. This practice, although reprimanded by the government, can generate localized smokes which can be temporarily unpleasant. Our itinerary can be changed without advanced notice by our guides to minimize the occasional disturbance of visits.
  12. Night Train travels are usually made in 2nd class berth with air-conditioning. Berths are arranged in two superposed rows. There is no cabin. Curtains closed each berth. The bathrooms are common to each car. Comfort is very basic.
  13. Tastings mentioned in the program is given for information purposes only. If a specialty tasting is not available, we reserve the right to change without advanced notice by other local specialties. Those tastings are not eating; they are taken before or after the meal, depend on what it is. We want you to discover very enjoyable and traditional dishes close to dishes taken by the local people.
  14. Meals included in the program are mostly in local restaurants or in hotels as a set menu based on local cuisine. The menu may seem to be repetitive.
  15. The times and / or distances communicated are for informational purposes only and are not contractual. They can be modified without notice. Source: Michelin, Google Map or similar.
  16. Names of restaurants, hotels, boats or other mentioned in the program are not contractual and can be replaced by other restaurants, hotels , ships or else.In case of a customer interruption, Mandarin Road is obliged to provide the relevant evidence signed and dated by the customer: otherwise, the money involved in the service must be repaid.
  17. All tours or stays started and interrupted by the client or the agency, is entirely due to Mandarin Road and non-refundable.
  18. All additional service engaged on place by the client or agency or in case of force majeure beyond Mandarin Road control have to be settled by the client or agency before setting up the service.
  19. There is no hotel ranking in terms of star or any designation. The stars and hotel class mentioned are based on personal assessments. They are informative and are not contractual. We transcribe in our description the classification, when it exists, of hotels by stars and class performed by local tourism departments according to standards in vigor in each country which are different from French and European standards.
  20. The price in USD or EUR is definitive from the time you confirm the quote, which then becomes your travel contract. The price of the quote may change depending on the evolution of services and the exchange rate. Any changes in exchange rates, transport costs or mandatory taxes may result in a price adjustment. The revision of rates, downward or upward, will be applied by Mandarin Road to registered clients from a change greater than 2% of the total package price, and up to 30 days before departure in case of increase, the customer will be informed. The change will be passed on the full price according to the parameter concerned (purchase of currency benefit, transport).
  21. It is strongly recommended to the customer and to every traveler to verify the accuracy of the information required for the administrative formalities before departure. Every customer and traveler must check their own consular authorities before follow a procedure to avoid being denied the entry in the country. Mandarin Road disclaims any responsibility in case of refusal or visits or delay visa issuance by the country authorities. Mandarin Road is not reliable to assist customers before they pass immigration control.
  22. No vaccination is required. However, some treatments are recommended (tetanus and diphtheria, typhoid, hepatitis, tuberculosis). It is also advised not to drink tap water and avoid raw vegetables to eliminate any risk of intestinal disorders. As much as you move away from conventional circuits, the more you need to take precautions. Antimalarial treatment recommended. Any additional information can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, under “Travel advice”.
  23. Buses used locally can in no way compete with the comfort of their European counterparts. Buses usually have air conditioning, the majority of recent one. However, it may be that busy time, as a senior is used. You will appreciate the care and kindness of your drivers.
  24. Guides selected to accompany you are professionals. They speak English, love their country and it is with great kindness that you will discover it. It is possible that sometimes, a local official guide replaces your regular guide.  Sometimes your guide can be less experimented. Keep in mind that English is for him a foreign language, often learned at university.
  25. Programs tours are standard programs. The order of visits can be modified on site. Likewise, we reserve the right to change routes in cases museums are closed, under construction or for any reason prohibiting access to sites or museums. But in all cases, we will endeavor to find a satisfactory alternative.
  26. During your tour you will have the opportunity to see and buy handicrafts. Mandarin Road is not responsible for your purchases.
  27. During the cruises or boat trips, it may be that the crew improvises an embarkation / disembarkation on an undeveloped wharf. Each participant must comply with the rules of prudence and follow the advice given by the crew and or the guide. Mandarin Road disclaims all liability for failure to follow the instructions.
  1. On some sites, it is not allowed to take pictures or film. A right for cameras and video can also be requested on some sites. It is not included in our rates and must be paid directly on the spot by the participants.
  2. The photos in the program are solely for illustrative purposes, regardless of the program. They are not contractual and do not engage in any way Mandarin Road.
  3. The downtown hotels are generally noisier due to traffic and proximity to local events (restaurants, bars, shops ...).
  4. In most cases hotels offer a free access to internet and Wi-Fi. Otherwise, you will have to pay for it.
  5. In each hotel or boat are less well placed rooms or cabins, sold at the same price as the others. We cannot guarantee you the situation.
  6. About sea view rooms, it does not always mean a 100% room facing the sea; the view can be lateral and sometimes hindered.
  7. Tours of local handicraft stores keep an optional linked to any obligation to purchase. They are however a detour regardless of the country visit, and are linked to the economic and tourist development.
  8. Mandarin Road can in no case be held responsible for forgotten items. Therefore, it is your responsibility to contact the hotel in which you state you have forgotten an item and ensure yourself the recovery and transfer of the object (UPS, FedEx or any other specialist company).
  9. All expenses on site linked: a delay or cancellation of flight / train / boat or other means of transport , demonstrations , attacks, accidents or other events, weather conditions or natural events , at any other occurrence outside the will of Mandarin Road have to be taken in charge by the customer directly on site. These events beyond our control, does not in any way engage the responsibility of Mandarin Road.
  10. The identity of the operating air carrier is communicated to the customer as soon as it is known. Any change of identity of the carrier occurring after conclusion of the contract will be passed to the customer by Mandarin Road soon as he has knowledge and, at the latest, at check in or boarding for connecting flights. The customer is informed that airlines spend they among so-called codeshare an agreement of which is to market a flight under their own name while it is operated by a device from another company.
  11. Some trips are subject to a minimum number of participants. The defection of one or more customers may result in the cancellation of the trip by Mandarin Road, without compensation or penalty and against reimbursement of sums paid. Mandarin Road informs the remaining participants by any means to obtain an acknowledgment of receipt. However, Mandarin Road may nevertheless offer the remaining participants to continue their journey, subject to the possible payment of an additional cost resulting from the defection of the other participants.
  12. Mandarin Road may have right, without notice and without indemnity, cancel the contract in the absence of full payment of the price of the services by the customer no later than 20 days before the date of departure.
  13. It is the customer and each travelers need to check before their trip, the regulations in force in the countries visited, especially as regards tariffs, import of foreign or local currency, tobacco, alcohol and drugs. It is strongly recommended to consult before leaving their country of origin the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, under “Travel " and especially the website of the Customs duty.
  14. The supplies or services subscribed by the customer with third parties outside of the contract are independent contracts cannot in any way engage the responsibility of Mandarin Road or give rise to reimbursement or compensation from him.
  15. All our guides are licensed professionals by the Ministry of Tourism. They receive compensation for accompaniments of our tours. It is customary for the happy traveler to leaves at the end the stay a tip of about 5 € per day per person. This tip is shared between driver and guide.
  16. To obtain further information on the discovery of the visited countries, additional and optional excursions, sometimes not provided in your program, can be offered. They are optional and do not affect the place of the planned route. The list of optional tours is given to you by your guide on arrival. Prices are in local currency and payment is made with your guide.

Be informed in advance of all our travel offers