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Laos, a country bordered by Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and China, is a country that will surprise you with its nature and authenticity. Laos, formerly known as the Million Elephant Country, opened up to tourism in 1990. You will be far from mass tourism as the country has endured the conflicts of its neighboring countries and experienced a tourist boom only in the last twenty years.

Mountainous territory crossed by rivers and especially by the grandiose Mekong Delta, 70% of the land of Laos consists mainly of mountains and plateaus. You will also explore the beauty of the many temples and listen to the past of the ancient kingdoms of Laos, a rich history awaits you.

Traveling across the country, you will meet a very welcoming and engaging population as well as discover an intact Buddhist heritage, especially in the former royal capital, Luang Prabang.

You will feel a strong contrast between the north and south of the country. Indeed, from an ethnic point of view, Laos is a real complex puzzle that includes no less than 130 ethnic groups, sub-ethnic groups and many clans. It has more minorities than any of its neighbouring countries, making it the most ethnically diverse territory in all of Southeast Asia. These Laotian peoples will show you their authenticity and their manners thanks to their kindness.

Laos enjoys a great diversity in vegetation, it has multiple varieties associated with rainforests and bamboo. You will find many ordinary animals such as: the Concolor gibbon, the langur and the raccoon dog. But you can also discover exotic species: the Javan Mongoose, the Siamese hares, the leopard, the tiger, the dolphin of Irrawaddy and some Javan rhinos that survive in the Bolaven plateau.

Laos is a nature destination that will truly satisfy lovers of large green spaces and jungles. If you are looking for a new culture or if you show curiosity, this destination is totally for you.

Have a nice trip to Laos !
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