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9 good reasons to visit Vietnam! By Mandarin Road

05/07/2019 463 Views

Cultural sites, natural sites, each listed as World Heritage by UNESCO! Halong Bay, the citadel of Hue, the old port of Hoi An ... I do not want to mention them all, there are too many. Have you heard of it. Discover the cultural riches of the 54 minorities, their jewels, their costumes, in their villages, in their markets ... what a wonder.
But to discover for yourself the soul of these places, to share photos with family and friends, to evoke your great emotions, is not it even better?

A country rich in traditions and customs! Culture and traditions are still very much inked and alive in the mores; and even in big cities. Let yourself be captivated at folk festivals, patriotic or religious celebrations, the Tet Celebration and many other surprises. All this, enriched by the particularities of the 54 ethnic groups that populate the country.

Do not forget to plan the world famous Water Puppet Theater.

If in France you were surprised by the number of Vietnamese restaurants, it is not a fact due to chance and may have even been experienced? Both the French and the Vietnamese cultivate ingenuity to satisfy the taste buds of gourmets. The ingredients, the combinations are different, but the spirit remains the same. Ah! A plus for Vietnamese cuisine: it heals your line or your overweight.

Peace and security! Here are the two key words that reign over the country. Vietnamese do not have much to share. The little they have, they will offer it to you: their gaiety and their joy of living, the cup of tea, the freshly picked fruit; if you accept it, the master of the family on the threshold of his house will invite you to enter it. He will feel honored by your coming; invite you to sit there, and accompanied by his Khene for you, he will dance or sing a nursery rhyme.

Guaranteed quality of services! With the opening of the country and the democratization of transport, Vietnam has seen its hotel infrastructure, the qualification of guides, the development of sites, to rise to international levels. You can choose between hotels with great comfort with pool or share the common room homestay. Everywhere you will be the object of all attentions. All intermediate solutions are conceivable and combinable, all experiences are open to you. Why not tempt them?

Vietnam will seduce you whatever the time of year! If this country stretches from north to south, for more than 1500km, there are no strong variations in seasonality. Each region, however, has its own ideal period. The weather can not be a drag on the trip, and then the Mandarin Road team is here to advise you.

A country rich in tradition and very economical! 3 weeks in Vietnam, cheaper than a week stay in Italy or elsewhere in Europe. It is a very accessible country and within the reach of all budgets. This will allow you, Madam to make you make your measurements, in record time, a blouse or an original dress. Monsieur will not be left out! He may be delivered silk shirts. And then, bring back memories, fruit of the richness and the originality of the local Crafts ...


In Vietnam ? No visa! You French tourists, you are welcomed as friends in Vietnam. You do not need an entry visa; unless subjugated by the country and its inhabitants, you wanted to stay there more than 15 days.

You are expected in Vietnam. With the entire team of Mandarin Road Voyages, you will be welcomed with great friendship and attention to your wishes and desires.

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