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Spiritual tourism in Nepal

22/07/2020 1.047 Views

Today in a world in constant motion, it can be difficult to find a moment for yourself and recharge your batteries. Who never wanted to slow down their lifestyle, enjoy simple moments and refocus on themselves and their well-being? Trips lead to movement and discover the world, and if you combine travel and rediscovery of yourself? The spiritual tourism in Nepal will offer you a healing in a spectacular environment.

What is spiritual tourism?

In a world in constant motion, it is sometimes necessary to focus on oneself and to recharge one’s batteries. Spiritual tourism goes beyond religious tourism and the visit of monument, it aims at a search for oneself and to extract oneself from the world.

This quest for the inner self is carried out in unlikely or remote places through the practice of yoga or meditation, but also to surpass itself during sports efforts such as treks and hikes. There is, on the part of the traveler, to reconnect with his body and his senses during this spiritual journey, a purification of the body and the spirit: relaxation and fitness is complete!

Man on top of Mount Everest

Nepal, the land of the Buddha

Nepal is a country with a great history whose traces can still be seen today. This is the country where the Buddha was born, in Lumbini more than 2,500 years ago! Still today, Buddhism is taught and transmitted there. As a result, Nepal is a country very oriented towards spirituality, positioning itself as one of the best places for spiritual tourism, both for the novices and the most confirmed. Nepal is home to peoples whose gentleness is legendary, advocating great tolerance and mixing beliefs between Hinduism and Buddhism.

The Kathmandu Valley, a mix of treks and monasteries

In Nepal, grandiose landscapes mingle where you can combine hiking and yoga by venturing into these lands and exploring the peaks and mountains, especially in the Kathmandu Valley. This valley combines a perfect setting for quiet healing with a view of the snowy mountains of the Himalayas. Invigorating and purifying moment to practice yoga or meditation after an intensive trek!

In the valley you will discover hidden treasures and many wonders. Diving in the heart of Buddhist Nepal, encounters with monks and visits to monasteries and temples… 

Namo Buddha Monastery

Tengboche Monastery

You can discover the Namo Buddha monastery, where Buddha lived one of his lives and which is a place of sacred pilgrimage of Buddhism! Today, this place is a renowned learning center for monks and disciples, and has opened up to spiritual courses and retreats for travelers. Or, after a sports trek on the access road to the base camp of Everest, there is the monastery of Tengboche which offers a view of Everest in the heart of the Sherpa culture, moment of calm and spirituality guaranteed! 

Yoga and hiking: a successful marriage for spiritual tourism

Combining yoga and hiking allows you to work on yourself, in a natural space and conducive to discovery.

Yoga brings a work on concentration, the flexibility of the muscles of the body or the management of emotions. A session will combine breathing, relaxation and meditation. Walking, on the other hand, will allow the brain to synchronize with the rhythm of steps and breathing. Thus, hiking or a mountain trek will make it possible to enjoy the natural environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and pollution and play on the reduction of stress and concentration on oneself and one’s breathing. Linked to yoga, you can then enjoy the beneficial contributions of these two activities and live a real spiritual experience.

Breathtaking views of the Himalayan mountains 

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