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Holidays in Laos

08/07/2019 467 Views
Sikhottabong Festival (February):
This religious festival is held at Stupa Sikhottabong in the Khammouan region.
Wat Phu Festival (February):
This feast is celebrated at the time of the full moon during the third month of the lunar calendar on the pre-Angkorian site of Wat Phu in Champasak. The festivities include an elephant race, buffalo fights and rooster fights as well as many shows and traditional songs.
Laotian New Year (April):
The New Year in Laos or Pi Mai, usually takes place in April. This is the most important holiday in the country and the most celebrated. The Laotians then take care to remove the Buddha statues from the temples to clean them with scented water. In the streets, the crowds form processions while splashing water.
Boat race in Vientiane (October):
At sunset, offerings are made in all the temples of the city. Then, after dark, processions with candles are organized. These candles adorned with flowers and incense are thrown into the Mekong River as a thank you to the gods. The next day is a boat race on the Mekong.
That Luang Festival:
This religious holiday takes place around the splendid stupa of That Luang. There, gather hundreds of monks to collect the offerings and alms of the people.
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