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Gastronomy when traveling with Mandarin Road

05/07/2019 48 Views
With more than 17 years of experience in the tourism sector, Mandarin Road guarantees the best services during the trips it organizes. In particular, we are always attentive to the meals, because they are a very important moment for the travelers, of rest, of conviviality, but also of culino-cultural discovery. We carefully choose our food suppliers: from north to south, from plains to mountains, from seas to plateaus ... All restaurants are ready to serve you in the best conditions, and to the delight of your taste buds!
During your stay, Mandarin Road promises to present you the specialties of each place: the Pho in Hanoi, the Cao Lau in Faifo, the noodles in Quang Nam ... it will be a good opportunity to taste many recipes. destinations.
The guide will also take you to markets, and street restaurants for an experience closer to local life.
Mandarin Road also strives to provide at least one homestay meal during your trip. Your guide will help you better understand the daily life of the inhabitants. Under their roof, you will meet the owners and participate in the realization of traditional Vietnamese dishes.


Mrs. Hien, Mrs. Yen, Mam - these three restaurants, as charming as they are elegant, are hiding in the old quarter of the city. They are appreciated for their services and the quality of their dishes, and you will discover the typical dishes of Hanoi!
Sen Restaurant - A la carte dining with a multitude of European, Asian dishes, but always with a touch of Vietnam.


The travelers will be able to feel the difference of the dishes between the Center and the North or the South of the country. The houses, with their gardens, create a space where Zen reigns. In addition, you can discover the natural beauty of the Perfume River while having your meal while listening to traditional music: memorable experience guaranteed!

Mandarin Road will take you to restaurants with a modern and dynamic style, whose specialties will make you dizzy.
The Indochina junk will welcome you for a romantic dinner over water on the Sai Gon River. We think you will surely be surprised by the peaceful and charming beauty of the city seen from a junk.

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