An important route steeped in history
Like all trekking tours, you will have access to places inaccessible to mass tourism offering you privileged moments with nature and the people who live there. Alternation between short treks, long treks, visits and relaxation. Visit the most beautiful sites of Hanoi: the house and the mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh, the single pillar pagoda etc ... Discovery of Ba Be Lake and Dau Dang waterfalls for nature lovers. Visit of typical and authentic villages throughout the trip. Meeting with local ethnic groups. Homestays in Pac Ngoi, Mo Sat, Na Chao and Pac Hoan. Tam Duong Market, one of the most spectacular in North Vietnam. Discover the magical landscapes of Halong bays land and sea with an unforgettable day and night on a traditional junk.
Hanoi - Ba Be - Cao Bang - Mo Sat - Na Chao - Soc Giang - Dong Khe - Pac Hoan - Coc Xa - Na Ban - That Khe - Lang Son - Ha Long - Cat Ba - Hai Phong
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  • Day 1
    Arrival at Hanoi
    Arrival at Noi Bai airport. Transfer to the hotel. Visit of Hanoi "The city located below the Red River". Walk in the residential area where are the former Palace of the Governor General of Indochina, the house and the mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh, the single pillar pagoda. Then the temple of Mount Jade, cyclo ride in the old district guilds.

    Lunch and dinner in town. Night at the hotel.

    Included meals : lunch, dinner.

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  • Day 2
    Hanoi – Ba Be
    Departure for Ba Be passing through the mountainous regions of Tonkin. The lush vegetation and the rice terraces make up beautiful landscapes. Arrival at Cho Ra. Boat trip on the Nang River, which winds its way into a cultivated countryside before entering a landscape of Ba Be limestone cliffs, on the flanks of which hang small wild gardens from which lianas and long roots in search of earth hang. . Sometimes earthy mounds are swallowed by the jungle, stained with blood-red cannas, marbled with silvery trunks, and old trees twist to lean over the river. The other attraction of navigation is the spectacle of fishing. Nasses line the course of the river, Men throw the hawk, others hit the rocky banks to dislodge tiny shrimps. We enter the Puong cave-tunnel bank. The river runs only on one side, leaving a bank to admire on foot the stalactites of this avenue. Continuation of boat to the village Pac Ngoi des Tay located not far from the lake on the hillside. The Tay who settled there live from fishing, rice growing and maize. Their houses on stilts, with thatched roof, pleasantly decorate the austere surrounding landscapes.

    Dinner and night at the inhabitant (basic comfort).

    Included meals : breakfast, lunch, dinner.

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  • Day 3
    Ba Be – Cao Bang
    Boat trip in the enchanting scenery of Ba Be Lake; the lake "of the three seas" which stretches for 9 km long and a width of 100 to 1800 m, is at 145 m above sea level. It is at the end of 3 valleys that meet in an arc. Ba Be is not only a site for the imaginative, but also for nature lovers. Nearly forty species of mammals live there, as well as over a hundred species of birds and many butterflies. Visit of Dau Dang waterfalls.

    Lunch and departure for Cao Bang, a small town on the northwestern tip of the country. Arrival and dinner in town. Night at the hotel.

    Included meals : breakfast, lunch, dinner.

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  • Day 4
    Cao Bang – Mo Sat
    Leaving the city by the north-west, the road leaves towards the historical cave of Pac Bo; about 30 km before this cave, turn left to follow the trail of Thong Nong. Six hours trek to the village of Tays Mo Sat, through narrow valleys, skirting daring peaks skyward, crossing plains or peneplains worked terraces. During this route, you will have the opportunity to spend on a suspension bridge made of bamboo, to make contacts with the Tay villagers and to see them work their rice terraces.

    At noon: Picnic. Dinner and night at the inhabitant (basic comfort).

    Included meals : breakfast, lunch, dinner.

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  • Day 5
    Mo Sat – Na Chao
    Six hours trek from Mo Sat village to Na Chao des Tay village. We go back to the border with China by continuing the track that borders a small river. Stunning wild mountain scenery with terraced rice paddies, bamboo paddlewheels on both sides of the river. Then the road quickly abandons the organized world of the great Tay villages for the universe scattered in isolated houses of the Dao. Their low houses are built near the steep land they clear, and then burned. Small stop to visit a village of Dao.

    At noon: Picnic. Arrival in Na Chao. Dinner and night at the inhabitant (basic comfort).

    Included meals : breakfast, lunch, dinner.

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  • Day 6
    Na Chao – Soc Giang – Cao Bang
    One hour trek from Na Chao to Soc Giang. Visit the typical market, where come the women Tay and Nung, who are wearing conical hats, dressed in black pants and a short tunic blue or purple, black Hmong indigo pleated skirt. This market takes place every fifth day of the lunar calendar. Then an hour walk to the Chinese border.

    After taking our minibus back to the Pac Bo cave where Uncle Ho stayed for four years and launched the Vietminh, is an important pilgrimage to the Vietnamese.

    Return to Cao Bang. Dinner in town and night at the hotel.

    Included meals : breakfast, lunch, dinner.

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  • Day 7
    Cao Bang – Dong Khe – Pac Hoan
    The course is characterized by its very rugged appearance. It is a series of passes, gorges, shoulder, all inserted in a case of thick tropical vegetation. This route is known as CR4- Colonial Road No. 4 which was the scene of major fighting between the French and Vietminh in the fall of 1950, during the battle of the borders.

    Arrival in Dong Khe. Lunch then four hours trek from Dong Khe to the village of Nung Pac Hoan.

    Dinner and night at the inhabitant (basic comfort).

    Included meals : breakfast, lunch, dinner.

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  • Day 8
    Pac Hoan – Coc Xa – Na Ban
    Six hours trek from Pac Hoan to Tay-Na Ban village. Throughout this route, the traces of the colonial presence have become rare, except in the small bowl of Dao-Coc Xa where 5,000 French legionnaires were killed by the Viet Minh, during this border war.

    Continuation for Na Ban. Dinner and night at homestay (basic comfort).

    Included meals : breakfast, lunch, dinner.

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  • Day 9
    Na Ban – That Khe – Lang Son
    Five hours trek from Na Ban to That Khe. Beautiful karst landscapes with the cultivation of maize, cassava and rice. Lunch then bus ride to Lang Son, again and again by a winding road that goes up the valley of the Ky Cung River, tributary of the Canton-China River. Beautiful perspectives on the river, crops and surrounding rocky peaks.

    Arrival at Lang Son. Dinner in town and night at the hotel.

    Included meals : breakfast, lunch, dinner.
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  • Day 10
    Lang Son – Ha Long
    Lang Son, a small border town blasted and stricken in 1979; it woke up in the early 1990s with the reopening of cross-border trade between China and Viet Nam. Early morning visit of Dong Kinh Central Market, Tam Thanh Cave Temple and Woman's Mountain waiting for her Husband. Departure for Ha Long.

    Our trip starts at Hon Gai Harbor where you embark around 12:00 - 12:15. The team offers you a welcome drink and announces your program as the junk crosses the bay from Along to Southwest. Lunch with seafood is served, followed by a moment of relaxation on the deck. You will discover the Halong Bay through thousands of "sugar loaf" emerging from the waves, you will feel like you are in a world of fossilized animals millions of years ago. A boat trip or kayak to the tunnel to the CA is offered. Once through the tunnel, you enter the lake completely surrounded by cliffs. Back to the junk, continue the cruise. The junk returns to Ong Cam Bay in the late afternoon.

    Night on board.

    Included meals : breakfast, lunch, dinner.
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  • Day 11
    Ha Long – Cat Ba
    If Hanoi was Thang Long, "Flight of the Dragon", Halong Bay, "Descent of the Dragon", and its unreal chaos of rocky peaks, the fruits of the frolics of this beast, mistress of the waters. The ghostly pitons cutting the horizon into bluish teeth or sunken mountains, of which only the summits emerge, caverns and caves where the waves disappear, set of mists and clouds, inland seas. The most singular is that these strange-shaped hills seem to float on the surface of the water, as their base is gnawed and that everywhere the silence of this sea spreads, sometimes broken by the cry of a sea bird.

    See the sunrise if there were no fogs.

    After breakfast, you will discover the beauty and charm of Lan Ha Bay with its small wild beaches, tunnels and floating fishing villages. Visit a fish pond at Lan Ha Bay. Stop at Ba Trai Dao beach, very beautiful and wild for swimming. Return of cabins around 10:00. Lunch on board around 11am. We land on Cat Ba Island at 12:00.

    In the afternoon, you will visit Cat Ba National Park, which includes evergreen tree forests on the heights at 331 m altitude, wet forests at the foot of hills and coastal mangroves, not to mention many small freshwater lakes, sandy beaches and coral reefs offshore. It is inhabited by 28 species of mammals, 37 species of birds, 20 species of reptiles and 200 species of fish. 2-hour hike to the top of the park, from where the look embraces the island. You will find a tree of a rare species "trees with chopsticks". It is so named because its wood, responsive to food poisons, was used to make baguettes used in court, eternal field of intrigues. Motorcycle ride to Cat Ba fishing port. Installation at the hotel. Dinner in town and overnight in Cat Ba.

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  • Day 12
    Cat Ba – Hai Phong - Hanoi
    In the morning, visit the Cat Ba Fish Market, then board a ferry boat to Hai Phong.

    Arrival in Hai Phong and drive into the French colonial style city, famous for its flamboyant streets and avenues. Visit Hang Du Pagoda, Hang Kenh Communal House, then continue to Ha Noi.

    Installation at the hotel. Dinner in town. In the evening: puppet show on the water.

    Included meals : breakfast, lunch, dinner.

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  • Day 13
    Hanoi – Return flight
    Continuation of the visit of the Hanoi city by the Ethnography museum, the Grand Genius temple and the pagoda of the Defense of the Motherland located at the edge of the Great West Lake, the Temple of Literature (1st Vietnamese University of the 11th century). After lunch in town, you are free until transfer to Noi Bai airport and return flight.

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TRAVEL PRICE (Prix par personne en EUR)
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These prices are valid until 09/30/2020
  • The estimated budget for this trip is from 903 € / person.
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Name of city / List of hotels Standard Superior
HA NOI La Beauté de Hanoi***
(Deluxe room)
MK Premier boutique****
(Deluxe room)
BA BE Homestay
(Basic comfort)
Ba Be Resort***
(Superior Room)
CAO BANG Thanh Loan Hotel***
(Superior Room)
Thanh Loan Hotel***
(Superior Room)
MO SAT Homestay
(Basic comfort)
(Basic comfort)
NA CHAO Homestay
(Basic comfort)
(Basic comfort)
PAC HOAN Homestay
(Basic comfort)
(Basic comfort)
NA BAN Homestay
(Basic comfort)
(Basic comfort)
LANG SON Vi’s Boutique ***
(Superior Room)
Muong Thanh Lang Son Hotel****
(Deluxe room)
HA LONG Jonque Catba Sailing***
(Double Cabin)
Jonque Catba Sailing***
(Double Cabin)
CAT BA Sea Pearl hotel***
(Superior room)
Cat Ba island resort****
(Superior room)

These prices include
  • Land transport by private vehicle, air-conditioned
  • Hotel accommodation mentioned in the program or similar, breakfast included
  • Lunch and dinner (at local restaurants and / or at the hotel and on board the boats)
  • The assistance of a French speaking guide-speaker
  • Entrance tickets for the visits mentioned in the program
  • Rickshaw Tour in Old Hanoi
  • The water puppet show in Hanoi
  • The day aboard a junk in Halong Bay including lunch and dinner with seafood
  • Boat tours to Babe, Cat Ba
These prices do not include
  • International flights
  • International airport tax
  • Visa fees
  • Drinks, tips, personal expenses
  • Insurance and assistance
  • Any other service not mentioned above
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