A trip between must-see sites and hidden treasures
A trip to the splendors of Northern Vietnam, while crossing the major destinations. A tour through the mountain trails, with a breathtaking view on the surroundings: Than Uyen, Mu Cang Chai, Dong Van, Meo Vac ... The Bac Ha market on Sunday, or others authentic etnic market. From a little walk in peaceful occupations villages of the Red River Delta to a cruise on the 8th wonder of the world, Vietnam will offer its most beautiful landscapes.
Hanoi – Nghia Lo – Tam Duong – Sapa – Ha Giang – Dong Van – Bao Lac – Ba Be – Hanoi – Ha Long - Hanoi
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  • Day 1
    Arrival in Hanoi.
    Hanoi also known as "Thang Long", its historical name meaning "flying dragon", was the main feudal capital of the country for hundreds of years - from the Ly Dynasty (11th century) to the dynasty of Le postérieur (late 17th century), so far the city of Hanoi still preserves the historical, traditional and typical monuments of Vietnamese culture and values of the immortal spirits of Hanoians.
    Arrival at Hanoi airport, the guide and the driver will welcome you and proceed to the transfer to the city center. You will explore the city and the old quarters in a rickshaw. Then you will go to Hoan Kiem Lake (Lake of the Restored Sword) and you will listen to his legend. Foreigners cannot miss when they arrive in Hanoi because this lake is considered to be the heart of the city. Small visit of the Jade Temple and the Brush tower.
    Option: If you don’t want to visit the city right after because of the long flight, we will suggest you a massage. You will have one hour to relax, extra cost of 15$ per person will be ask.
    Included meals: lunch and dinner.
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  • Day 2
    Hanoi. Visit of the city
    You will go to the Literature Temple. This is an important monument since it is considered as the first university of Vietnam. By visiting the temple, you can watch the old objects that reflect the past kingdoms of Thang Long.
    You will visit the Ethnographic museum in which is retraced the ethnic minorities life in Vietnam. The objects, houses, clothes, documents are gathered among the museum. You will have the opportunity to enter in the long house of Ede, Jarai the Rong house or the earthen house of Ha Nhi.
    You will arrive at the Tran Quoc Pagoda (the pagoda of the defense of the Fatherland), which was built in the 6th century under the Ly Antérieur Dynasty. It was the Buddhist center of the Thang Long Citadel during the dynasties of Ly, Tran (for about 250 years). Currently, it still preserves many ancient artifacts : the Buddhist canonical books, statutes, bells and drums... You will hear the story of the founding and development of Buddhism in Vietnam, a religion with a national character. In addition, you will have the opportunity to explore the charm of the West Lake Pagoda which is located on the side of the lake.
    You will feel the rhythm of the daily Hanoian life entering the old quarters. Although the city is becoming more and more dynamic, active and modern, we can still feel past vibrations in the neighborhood of the 36 streets: the Kim Ngan Dinh (communal house jewelry), the old house at 87 Ma May, Hoan Kiem Lake,…
    By late afternoon, you will attend a water puppet show. This is a traditional Vietnamese art that combines folk music and actions of wooden puppets. Overnight at the hotel.
    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.
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  • Day 3
    Hanoi - Nghia Lo
    (230km/ 6h journey)
    Nghia Lo is a municipal city lying in Yen Bai province, 84 km away in the north of Hanoi. It is 250 meters altitude above the sea level and is covered by high mountains. This is why it has a pleasant climate (with average temperatures of 24-27 degrees Celsius). Nghia Lo is also considered as the cultural territory of the Tay, Muong, Nung, Thai minority population, contributing to the table of the 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam. In Muong Lo Valley, people develop their daily lives while retaining their old values of mind : the songs, the dances, the roofs of houses on stilts... all traditional beauties are still present in this municipal city.
    From Hanoi, you will take the road to Nghia Lo through the following places : Son Tay, Thanh Son and Phu Yen. Also stunning scenery of mountains, green valleys, rice fields and villages of Black Thai minority. Women and black Thai girls go to the rice field or school, they still wear their traditional costume : a long black skirt, straight and tight, very tight bodice, bright color, closed in front by a tight line of silver buttons. Under the bodice, the base of the breasts to the waist, women wrap the torso of a long strip of fabric making corset effect. From above, you will have a beautiful view of the valleys and hills. On the road, women go to work and children to school. All the activities are going on within an incredible lightness. Arrival at Nghia Lo. Overnight at the hotel.
    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.
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  • Day 4
    Nghia Lo - Tu Le – Mu Cang Chai – Tam Duong
    (240km/7h journey)
    On this beautiful day, you will cross the capitals of Tu Le, Mu Cang Chai, Than Uyen... admire the beautiful scenery of rice terraces of North Vietnam and gain heights. At Mu Cang Chai arrival, you will visit a Muong village. Lunch on the road. Arrival in Tam Duong in late afternoon. Overnight at the hotel.
    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.
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  • Day 5
    Tam Duong - Sapa
    (110km / 2h50 journey)
    The main interest of this place is the district market (Thursday and Sunday), 6 km on the road to Tam Duong Lao Cai. This market is one of the best that you can currently see in northern Vietnam. Sellers and buyers come from everywhere, the most remote villages are more than one day's walk. The beautiful scenery and the many villages can also encourage to visit the nearby Tam Duong. It is possible for the traveler who has more time to commit to one of the paths, which starts through the hills or from Tam Duong same either from the district market, it's an experience very rewarding. The trail is experiencing route ramifications, they lead to the hamlets of Hmong and Dao. The nearest villages are within an hour's walk, some are more than a day. But for you, it will be a shorter walk that take you to the meeting of these populations. The road of Tam Duong to Sapa follows the gorges of the Nam Na River after crossing the Black River. It is a journey into a wild nature, villages are very rare. The road, sometimes way, is quite good. On the way, you will meet women Dao, they wear black or blue pants, tunics covered with embroidery and large black turbans on a skull whose front part is shaved once they marry. Carrying heavy bundles of wood, they come down the mountain by narrow paths as direct as steep, to the outlets installed along the road, they are held by Thai or Viet. Around new houses were built some terraces for growing rice, corn and vegetables. Arrival in Sapa around noon. Check-in at the hotel. You will start exploring the beauties of Sapa ! You ascend the hill of Ham Rong (Hill of the Mouth of the Dragon) for a panoramic view of the city and its wonderful scenery, then you will enter the Orchid Garden, the ancient church. Continue your visit in Sapa by strolling through the narrow streets to the Sapa market. You will visit a "mall" of local inhabitants, ethnic minorities of Sapa. Overnight at the hotel.
    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.
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  • Day 6
    Sapa – Y Linh Ho - Lao Chai - Ta Van
    After breakfast, you will go to the village of Y Linh Ho where you will start your day hiking towards Red Dao, Hmong flower and Tay ethnic villages through the magnificent rice terraces. From above, you will have breathtaking views of the valleys : sources derived nearby hills, roofs balms are hiding in the shade and children laughing in the playgrounds. In the afternoon, you will continue the road to the village of Ta Van. Ta Van, which means "the great arc", is perched on the side of the Hoang Lien mountain. The village is located on the banks of Muong Hoa stream and surrounded by rice fields stepped forming arcs matching the mountain. Beyond the stream, we find the remains of votive steles, place of worship practices in Vietnam in the past. This area of ​​ancient steles has been recognized in 1994 as a historical and cultural relic of the country. It includes nearly 200 stone blocks of different sizes, carved images and ornaments inspired by the ancient mysteries of the culture of Lac Viet. At the end of the day you will have free time to meet the villagers, to ask them questions about their lives.  Night at the hotel
    Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner
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  • Day 7
    Sapa - Bac Ha
     (110km / 2h30 of road)
    Departure by road to Bac Ha. Picturesque, authentic and colorful: the weekly Bac Ha fair is held on Sunday mornings. Between 7 am and 9 am, roads and mountain tracks are very lively. There, a peasant pulls his donkey that does not want to move forward. Here, another holds a piglet at the end of a leash by pushing it with a bamboo whip. Others, wiser, prefer to carry the little pigs on the platform to avoid losing weight on the way to the fair. Some go by couple, the woman carrying on the back the stack of hoods that she braided, the man the jerry can of alcohol that he distilled. They all dressed in their finery. Turtles of all shapes, red, blue or black, cross simpler headdresses planted with fresh tea leaves or embellished with silver coins. The colorful H'mong women and girls have donned their finest skirts, all folded, swinging right and left at every step, making grandmothers look like children. The tunics are finely embroidered and the aprons shimmering. The sellers offer groceries, books and school supplies, toiletries, haberdashery), relayed, according to rotations which differ, by the peasants who came to sell their production (vegetables, breeding, handicrafts). Finally women calculate the benefit of the day or compare the products, the girls are beautiful, men clink rice alcohol while discussing horses and land. Walk to visit hamlets around Bac Ha: Ban Pho 1 and Ban Pho 2, inhabited by ethnic H'mong variegated. Visit the abandoned house of Huang A Tuong, a former H'mong chief. Overnight at BacHa.
    Note : Bac Ha market opens every Sunday, so if your stay does not fall on a Sunday, we suggest you either change the route a bit, or we'll take you to other authentic ethnic markets as, the market Coc Ly on Tuesday morning, the market Lung Khau Nhin Thursday morning or Can Cau market on Saturday morning.
    Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner
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  • Day 8
    Bac Ha - Xin Man - Hoang Su Phi - Ha Giang
    (200km/ 5h journey)
    Road to Ha Giang crossing Xin Man & Hoang Su Phi. During the ride you will admire beautiful mountain landscapes carved in checkered rice fields and terraces. Slopes traditionally cultivated after burning are gradually worked in irrigated terraces. Women spend a great deal of their time there, while men go out into the forest in search of game, or picking mushrooms, berries, wild plants, which are a significant contribution to the usual rice-based diet, corn, beans and cucumbers, not to mention the peppers that go into the composition of many dishes. Arrive in Ha Giang at the end of the day. Overnight at the hotel.
    Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner
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  • Day 9
    Ha Giang – Quan Ba – Yen Minh – Dong Van
    (140km/ 4h20 journey)
    Departure for DongVan via QuangBa, the road passes a pass and overlooks beautiful landscapes of rice terraces. In the middle of a small plain, the big village of Quang Ba is nestled at the foot of limestone "loaves of sugar". Wrapping around these peaks, rice terraces draw long sensual waves whose softness contrasts with the aridity of the surroundings. Continue the road to Dong Van via Yen Minh and Meo Vac, a plateau that appears as a succession of valleys separated from each other by an abundance of limestone peaks and escarpments; Mediterranean forest cover (oaks, pines, walnut trees, acacias) suffers from both aridity and deforestation. On arrival at Dong Van, check into the hotel and overnight at Dong Van.
    Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner
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  • Day 10
    Dong Van – Lung Cu - Meo Vac – Bao Lac
    (118km/ 3h52 journey)
    Breakfast and departure for Ba Be via Bao Lac, a district of the province of Cao Bang. In this environment, the weekly markets play a very important role for the local inhabitants. As the market in Bac Ha or other parts, it is the common area of ​​exchanges of everyday’s products such as corn, rice, clothing, alcohol, or vegetables, which are essential to the ethnic minorities lives. Weekly markets are intercultural places between different ethnic groups : the Tay, Hmong, Dao, Pu Peo, the Ha Nhi. You will have the opportunity to experience the local residents lives by visiting the weekly market in Dong Van. After having visited the Dong Van market, departure to the Lo Lo minority’s village. Then you will travel to visit the Lung Cu Flag Tower. Lunch. In the afternoon, you will continue the trip to Bao Lac. Installation at the hotel. Overnight at the hotel.
    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.
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  • Day 11
    Bao Lac – Khuoi Khon – Ba Be
    (148km / 4h30 journey)
    After breakfast, you will go hiking to the village of Khon Khuoi inhabited the Black Lo Lo. For centuries, they live here in small villages in the middle of tropical forests and rice terraces. They possess rice, corn, cotton and other food crops. You will meet on dirty roads and in fields many black LoLo women in traditional costumes. Drive to Ba Be Lake via Tay villages. Overnight in an traditional Tay house on stilt.
    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.
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  • Day 12
    Ba Be. Visit
    Ba Be Lake - Lake of Three Seas, is located in the middle of a national park. It is considered as a nature pearl lost in the Bac Kan forests. It is a site that attracts many visitors thanks to its outstanding biodiversity. The Ba Be Lake is one of the 20 largest freshwater lakes worldwide.
    Breakfast on the terrace with a view on the nature will give you the needed strength for the today to discover the beauty of the lake. The cruise will last approximately 5 hours during which you will be able to admire breathtaking landscapes. From above, the boat is as beautiful as a sliding leaf on jade water. The An Ma temple, the fairy pond, Puong cave, the Dau Dang waterfall are the sites of the visits mentioned in the walk. In addition, you will be able to be as closer as possible to the people entering the village of Cam, another place where live the Tay people. Get your camera ready ! Overnight in an traditional Tay house on stilt.
    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.
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  • Day 13
    Ba Be – Hanoï
    (220km/ 6h journey)
    After breakfast, you will discover the village in a bike ride. The sound of insects, leaves, sources dominate all the pure space. Visit the cave of Hua Ma. Then you will take the road to Hanoi. There will be several stops in order to relax your legs, take pictures, or talk with villagers. Back in Hanoi, transfer to your hotel. Overnight at the hotel.
    Included meals: breakfast and lunch
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  • Day 14
    Hanoï – Ha Long
    (170 km / 3h30 journey)
    Two days one night cruise to untouched Bai Tu Long Bay is ideal for you to discover natural beauty and local life, you will get to visit cave, go kayaking and visit a floating village. This trip takes you deep into natural wonder and experience a memorable night in the majestic bay. The route is off the beaten track and our staffs are keen on taking care of customer’s request, it is quite potential to be your highlight trip in Vietnam.
    You will cross all the northern basin of the Red River to reach Halong Bay.
    12h15  Embark. Enjoy welcome drink as Cruise Manager gives you a brief overview of the itinerary and important safety guideline. Check in your cabin.
    13h00  Start cruising among famous Islets (Indochina studio, Am Islet…) of Bai Tu Long Bay, the wildest beauty with the panoramic natural views. Admire the grace of the bay while enjoying the delicious lunch in the restaurant at the first deck.
    14h30  Explore the well-hidden Co Cave (known as Thien Canh Son Cave). Relax on white sandy beach or walk along the beach at Hon Co Island (no swimming).
    15h45  Return and enjoy the wonderful beauty of Bai Tu Long Bay at sunset; admire the striking islands and islets, savoring the fresh and peaceful atmosphere which could hardly be found in land while cruising to Cong Do sleeping area.
    16h30  Enjoy kayaking at Cong Do or relaxing on the cruise.
    18h00 Onboard the vessel, surrounded by a stunning, setting in motion, attend our chef’s cooking demonstration and try your skills in the art of traditional Vietnamese cooking (spring roll) on the sundeck.
    19h15 Dinner is served in the restaurant at the first desk. You can enjoy the charm of Bai Tu Long Bay at night.
    21h00  Evening activities: relax at leisure; enjoy our Movie Night, Board Games or our Massage & Spa services (massage and spa fee is not included in the price), squid fishing. Overnight on Bai Tu Long Bay
    Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner
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  • Day 15
    Ha Long – Hanoï. Return flight
    (180 km/ 4h de route)
    06h30  Welcome a new day with an amazing dawn on Bai Tu Long Bay. Refresh your body and soul with a Tai-chi session on the sundeck.
    07h00  Catch the morning view of seascapes while enjoying the breakfast with cookies an tea, coffee at the restaurant.
    07h30  Visit Vung Vieng village - the famous fishing farm by bamboo boat and discover life of local people living on the surface of Halong Bay
    08h30 Return to boat
    09h15 Pack up the luggage and check out of the cabin.
    09h30 Enjoy the brunch in the restaurant while cruising back to Vinashin tourist harbor.
    11h00 Disembark. Back to Hanoi and then transfer directly to Noi Bai airport for return flight.
    Meals included: breakfast, lunch
    *!<=*ParamsSpilitItems*=>*!Day 15*!<=*ParamsSpilitItems*=>*!Ha Long – Hanoï. Return flight*!<=*ParamsSpilitItems*=>*!
TRAVEL PRICE (Prix par personne en EUR)
(Depending on season, types of accommodation and activities)
  • The estimated budget for this trip is from 1081 € / person.
  • Talking about fixed prices when discussing about a tailored trip makes little sense. Indeed, it varies depending on many factors (quality of services, period, turnaround time and many more).
The only exact price will be the one of your personalized quote
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Those price are valid till 09/30/2024
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These prices include
  • Transport by road with a private vehicle and air conditioned.
  • Accommodations as mentioned in the program and breakfast included
  • Meals as mentioned in the program
  • Professional guide during the whole trip
  • Entrance fees for the visits mentioned in the program
  • Day on board of a junk in Halong Bay including seafood lunch and dinner

These prices do not include
  • International flights
  • Visa fees to the Vietnamese Embassy, in your country or at the airport
  • Supplements for late or early check-in/check-out in the hotels
  • Beverages, tip and personal expenses
  • Insurances and assistance
  • Every other service that has not been mentioned as « included »

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Je suis né à Hanoï d’un père militaire français qui a « fait l’Indo ».
J’ai voulu faire découvrir le Vietnam à mes 2 filles étudiantes sous l’angle « nature et culture » mais surtout leur faire rencontrer des gens authentiques et découvrir leur vie de tous les jours.
Plus que les traditions, l’histoire et les paysages, ce sont les Vietnamiens eux-mêmes qui sont la vraie richesse de ce pays, que j’avais déjà visité il y a une dizaine d’années.
J’ai donc choisi un opérateur local et Mandarin Road et leur programme a totalement répondu à mes demandes, parfois très personnalisées, notamment avec les séjours et les repas chez l’habitant.
On a ri, on a chanté, on a connu de grands moments de joie.
Vous cherchez l’authenticité et les vraies valeurs du Vietnam …?
Adressez-vous à Mandarin Road J J J
J.A. Guy KRAEMER (Groupe de 4 personnes)
Séjour au Vietnam du 01 au 14 Novembre 2018
Email : guykraemer@free.fr



Madame, Monsieur,
  Nous tenions à vous féliciter pour l’organisation de notre séjour en Thaïlande « Charmes de la Thaïlande »
Des vacances au cours desquelles vous avez su faire preuve de maitrise et de professionnalisme, autant l’accueil a l’arrivée a l’aéroport de Bangkok, le choix de l’hôtel, la qualité et l’exactitude horaire des différents transferts.
Tout cela nous a permis d’apprécier pleinement la découverte de la Thaïlande en toute sérénité. C’était notre premier voyage en Asie et nous redoutions car de plus nous ne parlons pas l’anglais et évidemment pas le thaï. 
Nous remercions particulièrement Mme Tina Vu et Mme Anna Nguyen pour leur efficacité a bien comprendre nos désirs en matière de découverte et a les satisfaire. Nous ne manquerons pas d’utiliser a nouveau vos services pour un futur voyage mais cette fois ci au Vietnam.
Avec à nouveau nos remerciements, nous vous prions de trouver ici, Madame, Monsieur, l’expression de nos sentiments distingués.
LOYER (Groupe de 02 personnes)
Séjour en Thailande du 18 Janvier  au  07 Févvrier 2018
Email : l.robert52@aliceadsl.fr



Bonjour monsieur Tony Duong
 Nous sommes bien rentrés en France après le magnifique voyage au Vietnam que nous avons fait grâce à Mandarin Road et Prèt-à-Partir Angers.
 Je voulais encore vous remercier, ainsi que toute votre formidable équipe, pour le belle surprise d’anniversaire que vous m’avez faite.
 Sincères remerciements et salutations distinguées
CLEMENT (Groupe de 02 personnes)
Séjour au Vietnam du 02 au  11 Mars 2018
Email : multivers@orange.fr

Un grand merci à Mandarin Road ! Très bonne organisation du voyage (liaison de transports, planning des activités). L’équipe (et surtout Tina) était à notre écoute et répondait de manière très réactive à nos besoins éventuels. La nourriture était de bonne qualité tout au long du voyage. Mention spéciale pour notre séjour à Siemp Reap : guide super, bel hôtel, planning bien actif.
Points d’amélioration éventuels :
         Le fait d’aller à Can Tho a représenté beaucoup de routes (4h-5h) pour quelques balades sur place. Pour nous ça ressemblait aux activités déjà faites dans le centre (cours de cuisine, balade sur des rivières/fleuves) .
         L’hôtel à Can tho n’était pas de bonne qualité.
         Super guide au sud qui connaissait vraiment beaucoup de choses.
         Siem Reap : le guide a changé un peu le programme pour nous permettre l’ensemble des monuments à voir. Apparemment tous les beaux monuments à voir n’était pas prévus dans le programme initial.
Les + :
         Siemp reap
         La baie d’Along
         Hanoi : visite de la ville  et des musées avec le guide
          Hué : ville impériale
Nous restons à votre disposition si besoin, 
Bien cordialement,
Athena et Jean-Charles Campisciano
CAMPISCIANO (Groupe de 02 personnes)
Séjour au Vietnam du 27 Décembre 2017 au 13 Janvier 2018.
Email : athenaetjc@gmail.com

Je prends finalement le temps de vous écrire un petit mot pour vous dire comment nous avons tellement aimé notre voyage.  C’était la première fois que nous faisions un voyage avec un guide et un chauffeur juste pour nous.  Nous avons vraiment aimé que la personne en charge de nous chez Mandarin Road nous contacte la première journée de notre voyage pour s’assurer que nous allions bien.
Nous avons aimé le fait qu’il y avait de la flexibilité tant lorsque c’était le choix de préparer notre itinéraire que lors du voyage. Siri nous demandait quand nous avions faim et si nous lui disions que nous voulions arrêter pour prendre un café ou aller aux toilettes, il n’y avait jamais de problème.  Nous avons beaucoup aimé arrêter dans des endroits non touristiques pour manger. Siri nous présentait le menu et les spécialités.  Nous n’avions pas peur d’essayer de nouvelles choses.
Siri était toujours de bonne humeur et nous comptait pleins d’anecdotes ou de l’histoire. Elle pouvait jaser à la fois avec nous ou avec nos garçons d’histoire, de culture ou même de sa vie de famille.  Pour nous il était très important de voir comment vivent les Thaïlandais et nous avons adoré toutes nos discussions. Elle nous faisait goûter des choses que nous n’aurions pas eu le courage de goûter par nous-même.
Il y a des journées où nous étions fatigués et nous ne voulions pas faire de shopping. Elle n’hésitait pas à modifier l’horaire pour nous permettre de nous reposer d’avantage. Nous avons eu un petit incident dans un salon de massage et elle a pris cela en mains et a contacté la propriétaire pour régler la situation. Nous avons vraiment apprécié.
Nous n’hésiterons pas à faire appel à vos services si jamais nous désirons faire un autre voyage où nous pouvons y aller avec un guide.
C’est vraiment une excellente façon de voyager.
Merci pour tout!
Nadine, Serge, Jacob et Alexis Raymond
RAYMOND (Groupe de 02 personnes)
Séjour en Thailande du 22  au 28 Août 2018.
Email : Nadine.Raymond@cra-arc.gc.ca

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