Immerse yourself in an authentic Vietnam
A trip that takes you into the splendors of northern Vietnam, while crossing the major destinations. A circuit that will show you the sights off the beaten track you will explore the beauties of ethnic minorities in Sapa, Hue , the Highlands . Time to observe the daily life of local and original customs. A discovery tour of cultural, traditional, discovery of an incredible heritage, and visit of the most beautiful sites. A superb cruise sliding on the water of the 8th wonder of the world in Vietnam - Halong Bay and a cruise on the banks of the ancient capital - Perfume River.
Hanoi – Ha Long – Lao Cai – Sapa – Hanoi – Hue – A Roang – Hue – Hoi An – Kontum – Pleiku – Buon Ma Thuot – Hanoi
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  • Day 1
    Arrival in Hanoi
    Hanoi also known as "Thang Long", its historical name meaning "flying dragon", was the main feudal capital of the country for hundreds of years - from the Ly Dynasty (11th century) to the dynasty of Le postérieur (late 17th century), so far the city of Hanoi still preserves the historical, traditional and typical monuments of the Vietnamese culture and values of the immortal spirits of Hanoians. Arrival at Hanoi airport, the guide and the driver will welcome you and proceed to the transfer to the city center. You will go to the Literature Temple. This is an important monument since it is considered as the first university of Vietnam. By visiting the temple, you can watch the old objects that reflect the past kingdoms of Thang Long. You will feel the rhythm of the daily hanoian life entering the old quarters. Although the city is becoming more and more dynamic, active and modern, it still recent past vibrations in the neighborhood of 36 streets: the Kim Ngan Dinh (communal house jewelry), the old house at 87 Ma May, Hoan Kiem Lake, temple of Jade, the Brush tower.

    Lunch or welcome dinner (according to arrival time)

    Included meals: lunch and dinner.

    Note: Check in time at the hotel: 2pm

    Option: If you don’t want to visit the city right after because of the long flight, we will suggest you a massage. You will have one hour to relax, extra cost of 15$ per person will be ask.

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  • Day 2
    Hanoï – Duong Lam – Tay Phuong
    Walls moss, red tile roofs, small roads, centuries-old banyan trees make up this quiet and peaceful area of ​​the ancient village of Duong Lam. At 30 km away from Hanoi, the village is a heritage of typical sculpture of the inhabitants of Kinh, next to the Red River. "The land of the two kings" keeps until now, all the spirit and cultural values ​​of a traditional Vietnamese village. After breakfast, you will start your stay with a pleasant walk in the old village. You will visit the tomb of King Ngo Quyen, the temple of the king of Phung Hung, the communal house of Mong Phu. The people still keep their ancient customs in their daily lives such as the market, small shops in the streets, or wells. Lunch at Mr. Hung - the chief of the oldest house in the village. You will have a little time to rest under the roof all while tasting the « che lam » (type of candy, the village specialty) and green tea. In the afternoon, you will explore the Tay Phuong Pagoda (Tay Phuong means the world of Western Buddhas), an ancient pagoda which is located on the hill in the middle of a rural area.

    Return to Hanoi. In the evening, you will attend a water puppet show. This is a traditional Vietnamese art which mies both folk music and actions of wooden puppets. Dinner in a local restaurant and night at the hotel.

    Note: On Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday night you will have the opportunity to watch the Ca Tru show and have the opportunity to try the Vietnamese musical instruments.

    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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  • Day 3
    Hanoï – Ha Long
    Halong Bay is known as the 8th wonder of the world thanks to its magnificent landscapes, beautiful caves, pure air and rich of biodiversity. Having a 1500 square meters area, more than 3,000 limestone islands, Halong Bay is a truly surprising destination. You will cross all the northern basin of the Red River to reach Halong Bay. Upon arrival, you will embark on a cruise in Halong Bay and admire its thousands of islands and islets that emerge from the water in fantastic shapes.

    Night on board.

    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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  • Day 4
    Ha Long – Hanoï. Night train to Lao Cai
    If Hanoi was Thang Long, The Rise of the Dragon, the Halong Bay was the Descent of the Dragon. The surreal chaos of the Rocky Mountains is the result of the frolics of the dragon, the master of waters.

    These hills with strange shapes seem to float on the surface of the water as if they were ate. The silence of the calm sea is sometimes broken by the shout of a bird. The cruise continues. Then you will have the opportunity to relax on the beach.

    After lunch of seafood, you will go back to the wharf and go back to Hanoi. In the evening, transfer to Hanoi Railway Station for the night train Hanoi - Lao Cai / train Livitrans Express (or Tulico Express, or Express Fanxipan with shared cabin 4 berths). Night in the train.
    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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  • Day 5
    Lao Cai – Ma Tra – Sa Pa
    Located 367 km away from Hanoi, Sapa is considered as a very attractive destination by visitors, as the heart of the North-East region of Vietnam thanks to its pleasant climate and beautiful landscape. It is also a place where ethnic minorities live together with their own traditions. These specialties are the face of a the "city in the clouds" that travelers would like to reach.

    Arrival at Lao Cai train station, you will be welcomed by the driver and the guide. Along the way you will visit the village of Ma Tra lying 7 km from Sapa. Village life remained authentic, which will be a great opportunity to discover the traditions and customs of the inhabitants. You will definitely have the opportunity to meet the minorities. You will continue your road to Sapa. Upon arrival, you’ll make a city tour : Old Cathedral, market, and the colonial houses. Night in the hotel.

    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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  • Day 6
    Sa Pa – Ban Khoang – Ta Giang Phinh – Sapa
    After breakfast, you will hike to the village of Ban Khoang while exploring the beauty of a region off the beaten tracks. You can admire the rice fields, the activities of the inhabitants. Arrival at the village of Ban Khoang.


    After a short break to have some rest, you will continue hiking to the village of Ta Giang Phinh - the cohabitation space between black ethnic Hmong and Dao red. You will discover authentic landscapes. Then drive to Sapa. Dinner in town and night at the hotel.

    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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  • Day 7
    Sa Pa – Bac Ha – Lao Cai – Night train to Hanoi
    Located in the mountains, 76 km away from the town of Lao Cai, Bac Ha weekly market is considered as a unique, attractive, interesting and authentic place by visitors. The market operates every sunday, it is the place of exchange of agricultural products essential to everyday life of the North Vietnamese. The merchants gather at dawn on a wide field under small tents with their products, the women sell skirts, hats, belts... handmade with colorful fabric emblematic of the region. Other women shout customers to buy vegetables, fruits, medicinal roots or corn alcohol. This is a strong exchanging place, where young people laugh, sing, dance and play the flute pan. Moreover, this market is considered as a center of trade livestock such as horses, buffaloes and dogs. Lunch in a restaurant in Bac Ha. Then start walking to visit the hamlets around Bac Ha Ban Pho Ban Pho 1 and 2 inhabited by the ethnic Hmong colorful. Visit the abandoned remains of Huang A Tuong, a former head Hmong.

    Dinner at Lao Cai Station then transfer to Lao Cai for the night train Lao Cai - Hanoi / train Livitrans Express (or Tulico Express, or Express Fanxipan with a shared cabin berths 4). Night in the train.

    Note : Bac Ha market opens every Sunday, so if your stay does not fall on a Sunday, we suggest you either change the route a bit, or we'll take you to other authentic ethnic markets as, the market Coc Ly on Tuesday morning, the market Lung Khau Nhin Thursday morning or Can Cau market on Saturday morning.

    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner
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  • Day 8
    Hanoï – Flight to Hue
    Arrival in Hanoi Railway Station at 5.00am, transfer and accommodation at the two-star hotel to rest and have breakfast. Transfer to Noi Bai airport for the flight Hanoi-Hue.

    On arrival you will be greeted by our guide and driver to explore the city. Hue is the ancient capital of Vietnam under the Nguyen Dynasty. Hue has a simple beauty, taciturn and quiet with the sun covering the red roofs of the royal palaces. Perfume River increased the romance of the city every sunset.  You will pass through narrow streets of the ancient capital looking at the pace of the daily life. The shops, houses, people... everything is light and peaceful. When you reach the front door of the Royal Citadel, it will be the time for you to admire the world heritage of UNESCO Vietnam. The citadel is considered as a real art museum, such as the historical testimony of a place of the last kings of Vietnam. Under the roofs of the palaces, you’re able to watch the pictures, sculptures symbolizing the typical oriental Vietnamese art. You will visit the Dong Ba market, and then you will have free time to stroll around.

    Lunch and dinner in town. Night at the hotel.

    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

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  • Day 9
    After breakfast at your hotel, you will start your discovery by a bike ride to the village of Thanh Toan - a small village lying 8 km from the city center.

    The road through the village is beautiful and peaceful. It is elegant as the lives of local residents. There are neither tourist sellers nor luxurious services... Arriving at the village of Thanh Toan, you will visit the Thanh Toan old bridge (tiled) that connects the two banks of a small river. A 17 meters long and 4 meters wide bridge built more than 200 years ago. It was restored several times because of wars and bad weather, but it currently retains its peculiar and original structure. Admiring this monument will make you feel the life and love force of the people for their homeland. After leaving the village of Thanh Toan, you will continue your walk towards the 2 villages of trades : the village of manufacture of Thanh Tien paper flowers and Sinh village paintings. You will make a short cruise to reach the villages. You’ll be able to see the locals making their products in the traditional way. This will help you understand better the life and the villagers’ concepts.

    Around noon, you will return to the boarding for lunch. Then you will continue the ride on the Perfume River towards the Thien Mu Pagoda. From distance, you’ll see a tower as a writing brush in the sky. The pagoda is located on the hill. You will walk step by step on the stairs listening to the legend of the heavenly Lady. The river is like a mirror embracing the pagoda. The mausoleum of Minh Mang is the last site you will visit before coming back to town. The sculptures, oriental structures will make you discover a part of the Vietnamese culture.

    The bus will take you in town. Dinner and night at the hotel.

    Included meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

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  • Day 10
    Hue – A Luoi – A Roang
    Located 70 km away from the center of Hue, A Luoi is a mountain town where we find the Pako, Katu, Pa Hy, and Ta Oi inhabitants. You will be in direct contact with the villagers, and that will be the opportunity for you to discover the various minorities’ state of mind. You will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful wild landscapes. While leaving the town, you will take the bus to the town of A Luoi. You will pass through the mountains and forests. From above, you will be able to watch the streams and the small houses hidden on the hill. Despite urbanization, people retain a traditional lifestyle. Arrival in A Luoi, you will begin the discovery with a visit in the home of the regional culture. It looks like a small museum that features objects related to history, for travelers’ culture. Then you will enter the temple. It is a monument expressing gratitude to the people of President Ho Chi Minh. You will feel the dream of peace of citizens of the Centre. You will continue your way to A Roang - the coexistence of space Kotu communities and Ta Oi. Upon arrival, the villagers will welcome you full of joy. They will dance and sing for your welcome. For them, this is their way of expressing their friendliness to visitors. You will have time to discover the traditional house on stilts where the common activities of the village held. Lunch in the traditional house. Relax with a little nap. In the afternoon, the chief of the village takes you to watch the daily life of residents. You will discover how to fish... Then you will be able to swim in the natural mineral hot water. Then return to the communal house and prepare food. You will taste the specialties of the region. It will be possible to try dishes of insects. After dinner, you will participate in a regional cultural show : while minority women sing, men play flute. Unforgettable night in the town hall. Overnight in the communal house

    Option : Cong Chieng dance : 70$/show/group

    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

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  • Day 11
    A Roang – Hue
    Get up early and you'll have the chance to admire the dawn with white clouds kissing the red sun. Breakfast.

    Then head to trek for about 4 hours in the forest of A Roang. You will have the opportunity to discover the beauty, the tranquility, the authenticity of Hue. You will listen to nature : birds, sources, animals... Swimming in the village of A Ka.

    Lunch and short break in the town hall.

    In the afternoon, visit the Zen village where you will learn to weave with the legs, with the Van Kieu and Pako women. Then return to Hue. Dinner in town. Night at the hotel.

    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

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  • Day 12
    Hue – Da Nang – Hoi An
    You will continue your tour to Hoi An - one of the main ports of Vietnam in the 17th and 18th centuries. You will ascend the hill of Hai Van (Hill clouds). From above, you will be able to watch the beautiful coastal landscapes of the Centre.

    Stop at Da Nang - the colonial Touran to visit the Cham Museum, which contains a large collection of sculptures typical of Champa Kingdoms. Arrival in Hoi An - a city with the old quarters regarded as one of the 8 heritages of Vietnam by UNESCO. Passengers, travelers, merchants... there are lots of people but older homes are still hiding in a quiet space. Yellow walls and small shops represent the traditional face of Hoi An. After having lunch in a local restaurant, you will continue to discover the beauty of the city. The guide will take you to the pagoda Phuc Thanh - the oldest one in Hoi An which was built in 1454 by a Chinese monk, in addition with the Japanese bridge, the town hall Phuoc Kien, and the traditional house of Tan Ky. You’ll be able to taste the specialties of Hoi An.

    Dinner and night at the hotel.

    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

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  • Day 13
    Hoi An – Tra Que – Cam Thanh – Hoi An
    8.00am : The guide will meet you at your hotel. You will start the bike tour to the village of Tra Que. You will have the opportunity to visit an agricultural village (vegetables) where you can participate in daily activities of local people. You will continue your bike ride along the De Vong River to the beach of Hoi An. Then you will take the boat to the Cua Dai sand dunes. You can contemplate the authentic landscapes, admire the sea while watching the lives of fishermen here.

    Drive to the village of Cam Thanh and listen to the history of the territory. Then you will take the 'thung chai' (a traditional boat with the appearance of a large bamboo basket) to explore the beauty of the village. You will also have the chance to listen to folk songs of the people all along your river ride.

    Lunch at the hotel. Then you'll learn how the tools in nipas leafs are manufactured, and visit of a craft workshop in the village.

    Around 2.30pm : Return to the city-center, dinner and night at the hotel.

    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

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  • Day 14
    Hoi An – Kon Tum
    Tay Nguyen (the highlands) is part of Central Vietnam, which contains the 5 provinces : Kon Tum, Gia Lai, Dak Lak, Dak Nong and Lam Dong. It is a territory that still retains the specific traditions and cultures. It is also the space of coexistence of people of Gia Rai, Ede, M-nong, K-ho... members of the 54 Vietnamese ethnic minorities. With a wealth of spirits, Tay Nguyen attracts many travelers. Visiting this area will be a great opportunity to discover a dynamic picture of the Centre minorities daily life.

    After breakfast, the guide and driver will welcome you at your hotel and you will begin the journey of discovery of the highlands. You will take the national road 14B, also called the Ho Chi Minh Trail through the hills, forests and villages of minority residents of the Centre as Jarai, Bahnar, Ede, or M'nong. Breakfast in a local restaurant. You will continue the journey and visit historic war landmarks : the crossroads of Indochina, Dakto, or the Phoenix Airport.
    Arrival in Kontum, visit of the wooden cathedral, orphanage Vinh Son I, the Thua Sai seminary, and the Konklor bridge.

    Dinner in town and night at hotel.

    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

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  • Day 15
    Kontum - Pleiwer – Pleiku
    After breakfast, departure to a trek through the villages of Bahnar people. You will make a canoe trip on the wild river of Dakbla. You will continue to Pleiku. Along the way you will visit the village of Pleiwer (or Pleiphun) of Jarai, one of the largest ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands, but also collective tombs with statues, and the water point. And then you will go to Lake Sea to contemplate an ancient volcano extinct for hundreds of millions of years.

    Night at hotel. Lunch, dinner in town.

    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

    *!<=*ParamsSpilitItems*=>*!Day 15*!<=*ParamsSpilitItems*=>*!Kontum - Pleiwer – Pleiku*!<=*ParamsSpilitItems*=>*!
  • Day 16
    Pleiku - Buon Ma Thuot
    After breakfast, you will start the tour by Minh Thanh Pagoda, the largest and beautiful one of the region. You will continue to the city of Buon Ma Thuot. On the road, you will make a short stop in the large and vast coffee plantations of rubber and pepper. Arrival in Buon Ma Thuot, lunch in a local restaurant. In the afternoon, you will visit the Ethnographic Museum of Buon Ma Thuot.

    Dinner in town and night at the hotel.

    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

    *!<=*ParamsSpilitItems*=>*!Day 16*!<=*ParamsSpilitItems*=>*!Pleiku - Buon Ma Thuot*!<=*ParamsSpilitItems*=>*!
  • Day 17
    Buon Ma Thuot – Dray Sap –De Don Village
    After breakfast, you will make a walk to the Falls Dray Sap, mist falls because its waters rush violently and noisily into the valley forming a veil of mist. Then you will enter in the Don village, the village of elephants and the ancient capital of Dak Lak province in the 19th century. Lunch with the locals. You will make a ride on an elephant and visit the bamboo suspension bridge, the old house on stilts over 100 years of Laos, the tomb of the elephant’s king. 

    Return to Buon Ma Thuot. Dinner and night at the hotel.

    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner
    *!<=*ParamsSpilitItems*=>*!Day 17*!<=*ParamsSpilitItems*=>*!Buon Ma Thuot – Dray Sap –De Don Village*!<=*ParamsSpilitItems*=>*!
  • Day 18
    Buon Ma Thuot - Vol pour Hanoï/ Sai Gon - Return flight
    After breakfast, you will have a free time before going to Buon Ma Thuot airport for the flight to Hanoi. Return flight

    Included meals: breakfast
    *!<=*ParamsSpilitItems*=>*!Day 18*!<=*ParamsSpilitItems*=>*!Buon Ma Thuot - Vol pour Hanoï/ Sai Gon - Return flight*!<=*ParamsSpilitItems*=>*!
TRAVEL PRICE (Prix par personne en EUR)
(Depending on season, types of accommodation and activities)
(price per person in EURO)
These prices are valid until 09/30/2020
  • The estimated budget for this trip is from 1 372 € / person.
  • Talking about fixed prices when discussing about a personalized trip makes little sense. Indeed, it varies depending on many factors (quality of services, period, turnaround time and many more).
  • The only exact price will be the one of your personalized quote.
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  • A supplement will be added to the price of your trip during the period of Christmas and New Year (from 24 of December 2020 to 04 of January 2021), as well as during the period of the festivities for Tet (from 10 of February to 17 of February 2021).

City name/ List of hotels Standard Superior Deluxe
La Beaute de Hanoi****
(Deluxe room)
MK Boutique ****
Luxury room
Pan Pacific hotel*****
(Deluxe room)
Junk Bai Tho 
(Deluxe cabin) 
Garden Bay Cruise****
(Deluxe cabin)
 Victory star cruise *****
(Deluxe cabin)
King Express
Ou Livitrans, Orient, Tulico
(shared cabin for 4 person)
King Express
Ou Livitrans, Orient, Tulico
(shared cabin for 4 person)
Victoria Express Train
Sapa Centre hotel***
(deluxe room)
Sapa Highland ****
(Deluxe room)
Silkpath hotel*****
(Classic room)
Cherish hotel***
(City view deluxe room)
Romance Hue Hotel****
(Deluxe Room)
Imperial Hue Hotel*****
(Deluxe City View)
Night in the communal house
Basic comfort
Night in the communal house
Basic comfort
Night in the communal house
Basic comfort
Aurora Hotel***
(Superior Room)
Thanh Binh Riverside Hotel****
(Deluxe Garden View)
Allegro Hoian Luxury hotel&Spa*****
(Deluxe room)
(Standard room)
(Superior room)
(Luxury Riverview)
Hoang Anh Gia Lai****
(Standard room)
Hoang Anh Gia Lai****
(Superior room)
Hoang Anh Gia Lai****
(Deluxe room)
(Standard room)
(Superior room)
(Deluxe room)

These prices include
  • Transport by road with a private vehicle and air conditioned.
  • Accommodations as mentioned in the program and breakfast included
  • The wagon train transfers - conditioned berths (compartment 4 people to share) Hanoi/Laocai/Hanoi
  • Domestic flights of Vietnam Airlines in economy class with airport taxes: Hanoi - Hue; Buon Ma Thuot / Sai Gon (if your departure flight is in Hanoi, a fee will be charged for the flight Buon Ma Thuot - Hanoi is more expensive than flight Buon Ma Thuot - Sai Gon)
  • Meals as mentioned in the program
  • Professional guide during the whole trip
  • Entrance fees for the visits mentioned in the program
  • Day on board of a junk in Halong Bay including seafood lunch and dinner
  • Excursion in boat as mentionned
  • Elephant ride
These prices do not include
  • International flights
  • Airport taxes
  • Visa  fees to the Vietnamese Embassy, in your country or at the airport
  • Flight Buon Ma Thuot/Hanoi
  • Supplements for late or early check-in/check-out in the hotels
  • Beverages, tip and personal expenses
  • Meals mentioned as « at your own charge »
  • Insurances and assistance
  • Every other service that has not been mentioned as « included »
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