All the secrets of South Vietnam
A tour that offers beautiful must see places: from the Mekong Delta to the Perfume River (south center). Discover the historical, traditional relics of the ancient capital, Hoi An old neighborhoods. Authentic cruises contemplating local daily life, visiting the floating markets in the south, and exploring imperial tombs in the center. Beautiful seaside stays in Nha Trang, Mui Ne, which are among the best beaches in the world.
Saigon – Can Tho – Nha Trang – Quy Nhon – My Son – Hoi An – Hue – Saigon
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  • Day 1
    Arrival in Saigon. Visit of the city
    Renamed Ho Chi Minh City in 1976 after the departure of the Americans, the former capital of South Vietnam kept as Saigon name for most of its 8 million inhabitants. Saigon is the largest city in the country and has established itself early as the economic capital. It comprises of 19 urban districts and five rural districts stretching over 3000 square meters. Day and night, you will always hear thousands of motorbikes roaming around the city. French presence is still very marked by long shady avenues lined with colonial houses, monuments and colonial gardens.
    Arrival in Saigon. You will be welcomed by your guide and your driver. Then you will start to discover the city. Cho Lon is very well known by visitors. It was founded in the 17th century by Chinese migrants, it has attracted many traders from other countries. Until now, Cho Lon and its surroundings are the cohabitation of space and trade of Chinese, Indian and Vietnamese. By visiting the region of Cho Lon (market), you'll discover another face of the city of Saigon, a multicultural place. Visit : the old Catinat street, The temple of The Jade emperor. Lunch in a local restaurant.

    Visit the Hindu Temple Mariaman : the temple is located in the middle of Saigon, we recognize it through its native architecture and mystical. It is appreciated as a famous heritage among three current Hindu monuments in Saigon. This is the place where we practised the Mariaman cult - Indian woman genius. By visiting this temple, visitors can watch the statutes, sculptures, antiques, listen to the story of the foundation, and discover the spirits of the temple. 

    Then you will head to the mosque at number 66 Dong Du Street. The mosque is one of the Islamic centers, which was built as early as in Saigon in 1935. The mosque attracts many believers and tourists. Its architecture is simple, spacious and airy with arches, columns and long corridors that symbolize the typical Indian art. Outside the religious function, the mosque is still the place where public activities are organized and where children learn about the ideologies of the Koran. You will be able to go and watch believers pray every friday. A Muslim spectacle in the heart of Saigon.

    In the evening, we will take you on the Indochina junk for a romantic dinner. You will spend a romantic moment in a charming and intimate space. You will make a 2-hour cruise on the Saigon River and admire the city on the other side. While tasting wine and specialties, you will look at the buildings full of lights as bright as crystals. You’ll feel a romantic and poetic Saigon.

    Night at the hotel.

    Included meals: lunch and dinner.

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  • Day 2
    Saigon – Cu Chi – Tay Ninh – Saigon
    After breakfast, departure for Tay Ninh province to discover the long history of this territory. The guide will tell you the evolution of foundation and development of Tay Ninh. Visit the Thanh That Cao Dai (the Great Cao Dai Temple) which was founded in 1926 by Ngo Minh Chieu, according to Cao Dai sect, one of the main religion in Vietnam which currently has about 2.5 million practitioners. At noon, you will have the opportunity to watch a ceremony in the temple. Lunch on site before taking the road to Cu Chi.

    70 km away from Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi is famous for its huge network of underground tunnels. It was first used by the Viet Minh during the war. By visiting this historical relic, you can dive in the past of Vietnam and in the soldiers lives. Above, the eucalyptus forest gradually reasserts itself, gradually erasing the scars left by the defoliants and bombs.

    Back to Saigon. Dinner in town. Night at the hotel.

    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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  • Day 3
    Saigon – Ben Tre - Can Tho
    In Vietnamese, the Mekong is called Song Cuu Long, which means the river of the Nine Dragons, referring to its nine major tributaries that flow into the South China Sea. In this region known as the "rice bowl" of Vietnam, Mother Nature delivers its benefits besides. Rich and fertile land, clear water and fish, dreamy landscapes, actually nothing is missing. From the pier of Hung Vuong, you will make a motorized sampan trip on the river Tien towards Ben Tre. A quick stop in the brick-making workshop. Visit of a workshop production of coconut candy. You will continue the tour to the village of Thanh Nhon. You will visit the mats workshop. Then you will take "xe loi" or the bike for a ride through the coconut gardens, rice paddies and vegetable fields to discover local life.

    Lunch in a local restaurant. In the afternoon, you will make a rowing boat cruise through the water canals surrounded by palm trees. Transfer by boat back to the pier and landing.

    Drive to Can Tho. Dinner in town and night at the hotel.

    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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  • Day 4
    Can Tho – Sai Gon. Flight to Nha Trang
    At 34 km away in Vinh Long’s southwest, on the banks of the Song Hau (Hau River), Can Tho is located in the heart of the Mekong Delta. It is the main city of the province of the same name and is the political, economical and academical center. Can Tho is a good base to go by boat to discover the Mekong arm, villages and floating markets. 

    After breakfast at the hotel, you will take a motor boat to visit the floating market of Cai Rang, one of the most lively floating markets of the Mekong Delta. You have to go at the right time, at dawn. Hundreds of boats come together over water under the splendid sun. The seller with his conical hats will be happy to choose, from the pyramids of fruit piled up in their boats, your fruit, and they will peel it off and prepare it in front of you. Transfer to an orchards where you can enjoy the seasonal fruits.

    Then you will visit an ancient house in Binh Thuy. The driver will be waiting for you there, and you will go back to Saigon. Arrived in Saigon you will go to the airport for the flight to Nha Trang. Arrival in Nha Trang, transfer to the hotel. Installation at the hotel. Night in Nha Trang.

     Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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  • Day 5
    Nha Trang. Visit of the city
    Located 18 km away from Nha Trang, Nha Phu is probably the most popular bay by travelers. Among the best attractions of this place, you will find Monkey Island which is considered as a pearl in the middle of the sea and a natural reserve in which more than a thousand of monkeys are living. Aside from beach activities, you will have the opportunity to discover the real circus made by very smart monkeys with couples racing "monkey-dog," unique, a show you shouldn’t miss ! You can also get very close and even touch these adorable animals because they aren’t aggressive. 

    Next to the island of Nha Phu you will find the island of Hoa Lan (Orchid) which has a cool climate and the most romantic landscapes. It is also a special place reserved for fans of orchids with over a hundred of different varieties. You can enjoy the An Binh beach, with its white sand and incredibly clear and pure water. You can swim in the mild sun, play sports under the spray or even visit the zoo. After breakfast, you will start the boat ride to get to the island of Nha Phu Hoa Lan where you can relax on the beach. 

    Lunch on site and return to the mainland. Visit the Cham towers of Po Nagar in the north of the city, on a hill overlooking the Cai River. The largest, 25 meters high, is dedicated to the worship of the goddess Yan Po Inu Nagar Cham, venerated by Buddhists as the Thien Y Ana, the Holy Mother of the Kingdom of Champa or Shiva female version. Her statue stands in the main temple.

    Dinner in town and night at the hotel.

    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.
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  • Day 6
    Free time in Nha Trang
    Free day for personal moments and to relax at the beach. Lunch, dinner. Night at the hotel.

    Included meals: breakfast.

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  • Day 7
    Nha Trang- Quy Nhon
    Long day journey through the city of Tuy Hoa. A short stop to visit the Swallow tower. This road is dominated by mountains of the Annamite Cordillera under the curves along the coastline of beautiful beaches such as Dai Lanh (former Cape Varella).

    Arrival in Quy Nhon, ancient capital of the Cham under the name of "Vijaya". In this region you can admire beautiful remains such as Cham towers sanctuaries from 11th to 15th century tower of Copper, Silver round.

    Installation at the hotel. Dinner and night in Quy Nhon.

    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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  • Day 8
    Quy Nhon- My Son- Hoi An
    Departure to Hoi An via My Son, the "Sacred Valley" of the Champa kingdom with over 70 towers sanctuaries from the 7th to the 13th century. It is surrounded by a natural amphitheater of hills and symbolizes nature. This site is the Shiva pedestal, the privileged place of contact between the human world and the cosmic world. You will discover all the spirituality that ruled the kingdom for more than five centuries and you will try to penetrate its mysteries. After visiting the "territory of Saint My Son", you will continue the journey to Hoi An.

    Arrival in Hoi An. Check-in at the hotel. Dinner in town and night at the hotel.

    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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  • Day 9
    Hoi An – Tra Que – Cam Thanh
    The village of Cam Thanh has an area of ​​4 hectares. During the war, the village was a refuge for local residents and soldiers. Today, Cam Thanh provides the entire region of seafood. By participating in this tour, tourists have the opportunity to learn fishing techniques and navigation in floating bamboo baskets "Thuyen thung" along the coconut rings. You will discover the culture and the authentic life of local people.

    8.00am : Departure for a bike ride through the fields to the Tra Que village. After a tour of the gardens you will reach farmers for land preparation and fertilization of algae nearby the lake. You can participate in the following activities such as raking, sowing, watering plants, picking plants and other gardening activities. Then you will continue the tour along the river Vong. You will go on board of a boat to the village of Cam Thanh. The guide will explain you the history of this village. You will make a cruise in a floating bamboo basket (2 people per basket) to learn how to catch crabs. There will be a nice offered gift for the team which catches more crabs.

    Return to the boat to hear folk songs of local people, with the typical dishes. After lunch, explore the fishermen living along the Thu Bon River. Landing at Bach Dang port and return by bicycle to Hoi An. Dinner and night at the hotel.

    Included meals: breakfast and lunch

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  • Day 10
    Hoi An – Da Nang – Hue
    In the morning, you will have free time for your personal discovery. Lunch. In the afternoon, you will continue your tour to Hue. You will ascend the hill of Hai Van (Hill clouds). From above, you can admire the magnificent coastal landscapes of the Centre. Stop at Da Nang, colonial Touran to visit the Cham Museum, which houses a large collection of sculptures typical of Champa Kingdoms. 

    Arrival in Hue, the ancient capital of Vietnam under the Nguyen Dynasty. Hue has a simple beauty, quiet and taciturn. Perfume River increased the romance of the city at every sunset. Dinner in a local restaurant and night at the hotel.

    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.
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  • Day 11
    Hue. Visit of the city
    After breakfast at your hotel, you will start the day with a bike ride to the village of Thanh Toan, a small village located 8 km away from the city center. The road is beautiful and peaceful. There are neither tourist vendors nor luxury services. You will feel like home accompanied by birdsong and simple landscapes. 

    Arriving at the village of Thanh Toan, you will visit the Thanh Toan old bridge (tiled) that connects the two banks of a small river. A 17 meters long and 4 meters wide bridge built more than 200 years ago. It was restored several times because of wars and bad weather, but it currently retains its peculiar and original structure. Admiring this monument will make you feel the life and love force of the people for their homeland. After leaving the village of Thanh Toan, you will continue your walk towards the 2 villages of trades : the village of manufacture of Thanh Tien paper flowers and Sinh village paintings. You will make a short cruise to reach the villages. You’ll be able to see the locals making their products in the traditional way. This will help you understand better the life and the villagers’ concepts.

    Around noon, you will return to the boarding for lunch. Then you will continue the ride on the Perfume River towards the Thien Mu Pagoda. From distance, you’ll see a tower as a writing brush in the sky. The pagoda is located on the hill. You will walk step by step on the stairs listening to the legend of the heavenly Lady. The river is like a mirror embracing the pagoda. The mausoleum of Minh Mang is the last site you will visit before coming back to town. The sculptures, oriental structures will make you discover a part of the Vietnamese culture. The bus will take you in town. Dinner and night at the hotel.

    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.
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  • Day 12
    Hue. Visit of the city
    Start your bike ride through the streets of the ancient capital and look at the pace of the daily life. Shops, houses, and people, everything is quiet and peaceful here. When you reach the front door of the Royal Citadel, it's time for you to discover the world heritage of UNESCO of Vietnam. The citadel is considered as a real art museum and the testimony of the history and a place of the last kings of Vietnam as well. Under the roofs of the palace, you can watch the images and sculptures that symbolize the typical oriental Vietnamese art. After visiting the Dong Ba market, you will have lunch at a local restaurant. Drive to the mausoleum of Emperor Tu Duc, another original royal monument. Before the end of the day, you will learn how to make incense sticks and conical hats in the two professional villages.

    Stop to visit the pagoda "énuques- Tu Hieu" Back to Hue. Dinner in town and night at the hotel.

    Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.
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  • Day 13
    Hue – Flight to Saigon/ Hanoï. Return flight
    You will have free time until the transfer to Phu Bai Airport (Hue) for the flight to Hanoi (or Saigon), then for the return flight.

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Gold Hue Hotel***
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Romance Hue Hotel****
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Imperial Hue Hotel*****
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  • Domestic flights with Vietnam airlines in economy class with airport taxes : Sai Gon – Nha Trang ; Hue – Hanoï/ Saigon
  • Meals included in the program except free day.
  • Professional guide during the whole trip
  • Entrance fees for the visits mentioned in the program
  • Boat trip in the Mekong delta, in Hue, and excursion mentioned in the program.

These prices do not include
  • International flights
  • Airport taxes
  • Visa  fees to the Vietnamese Embassy, in your country or at the airport
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