A circuit full of colors and discoveries, from North to South of Laos
Visit Wat Sisaket temple. Discover the many monuments of Luang Prabang. Excursion to Kuang Si Waterfall. Participation in a typical ceremony of Laos. Meeting with the inhabitants of the country. Visit of several ethnic villages. Boat trip on the Nam Ou River. Discovery of many trades and working methods. Boat cruise to the Done Det and Done Khone Islands. Elephant ride.
Vientiane – Luang Prabang – Kuangsi – Luang Prabang – Oudomxay – Luang Nam Tha – Muang Sing – Luang Nam Tha – Nong Khiow – Pak Ou – Luang Prabang – Pakse – Ile de Khong – Khong Papheng – Ile de Khong – Kiet Ngong – Pakse – Plateau des Bolovens – Tad Lo – Pakse
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  • dAY 1
    Arrival at Vientiane
    Upon your arrival in Vientiane. Once the visa and formalities are settled, you will be met by your guide and you will be transferred to your hotel. Breakfast in a local restaurant. In the afternoon, visit Wat Sisaket temple, dating from 1818, one of the most beautiful and important of the capital. It is the only one not to have been destroyed during the Siamese invasion and it includes traditional parts of the Laotian monastery. Wat Ho Phra Keo, where you can admire beautiful pieces that are one of the main riches of Laotian art. The Patuxai, a small triumphal arch that sits at the northern end of Lane Sang Street and visit That Luang, the country's most popular monument, is both a religious symbol and a symbol of the unity of the country. Finally, Wat Simuang, considered as the lucky temple of the city. Dinner in a local restaurant. Overnight in Vientiane.

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  • Day 2
    Vientiane – Flight for Luang Prabang
    Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the airport for your flight to Luang Prabang. (QV101 1130-1210 / daily flight). Upon arrival transfer to your hotel. Breakfast in a local restaurant. In the afternoon, visit Vat Visoun, completely rebuilt from Delaporte's sketches following the invasion, looting and destruction of the city in 1887 by the "Black Pavilions", pirates from southern China. We also visit Vat Aham right next door, where is the altar of the two main geniuses of Luang Prabang and the Vat That where are enclosed the ashes of King Sisavang Vong, in the great central reliquary. Then climb the 328 steps that lead to Mount Phousi to enjoy the panoramic view. Visit the evening Hmong market where you will find ethnic handicrafts. Dinner in a local restaurant. Overnight in Luang Prabang.
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  • Day 3
    Luang Prabang - Kuang Si - Luang Prabang
    Optional: very early in the morning, around dawn, you can see the long lines of Bonzes coming out of their pagoda and walk the streets to receive food offerings from the faithful. A unique show that takes place every day of the year...

    Breakfast at the hotel. The tour begins with the discovery of the Royal Palace, now converted into a National Museum where you will admire the Pra Bang, golden Buddha who gave his name to the city, the attributes of royal power, bronze drums, etc ... Continue with Vat Mai, a temple renowned for its gilded bas-reliefs and the life of one of the reincarnations of the Buddha. It is in this monastery that the image of Prabang is displayed on the occasion of the Pimai, Lao New Year celebrations. Then the Wat Sene, whose golden facade instantly catches the eye, finally you will admire the splendor of Vat Xieng Thong, richly decorated and located at the confluence of the Nam Khan and Mekong. After lunch, excursion to the falls of Kuang Si. Stop in two ethnic villages on the way. Possibility to swim on site (bring swimsuit and towel). lunch in a local restaurant.

    SPECIAL: At the end of the day, you will participate in a "Baci". Mixture of animism and Buddhism, this ceremony is specific to Laos: it aims to "call minds" to the one who invokes them before performing an important task or to live a major event (birth, marriage, journey, etc.).

    Dinner in a local restaurant. Night at the hotel.
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  • Day 4
    Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to Oudomxay. Possibility of stopping for the visit of the villages of minorities. Lunch and dinner at a local restaurant. Overnight in Oudomxay.

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  • Day 5
    After breakfast at the hotel, you will take the road with a English-speaking guide, by private car, to Luangnamtha capital of the province. Meeting with the peoples of the high regions. Departure to Muangsing, the former capital of the Lu Principality of 12000 rice paddies, populated by a mosaic of ethnic groups who still live to the rhythm of their ancestral traditions. En route visit the village of Hmong Striped, visit the village of Lenten to Bane Tawan, visit the Khmu village to Bane Pinh Ho, and Iko to Bane Ko Lak Kham May. Arrive Muangsing late afternoon. Transfer and installation at the hotel. Lunch and dinner at a local restaurant. Overnight in Muang Sing.

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  • Day 6
    Muang Sing – Luang Nam Tha
    Transfer by private car with English-speaking guide to visit the city market to discover the different ethnic groups (early in the morning for the bravest). Back to the hotel for breakfast. Departure for the Chinese border and free zone of Pangthong. Visit ethnic villages Iko, Lu, visit Bane OudomSinh (9km from the city) then walk about 25 minutes to villages (Iko Aka) and visit Yao villages: ChongKa, NamMay, DoneThanh. Breakfast in a local restaurant. In the afternoon, return to Luangnamtha (60Km). Installation at the hotel. Visit the NamNGene village (4 km from the town, rice alcohol village), and Thai Dam to Bane Thong Poung (weaver village) and visit the Luangnamtha National Museum. Dinner in a local restaurant. Overnight in Luang Nam tha.

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  • Day 7
    Luang Nam Tha – Oudomxay – Nong Khiow
    Breakfast at the hotel, visit the local market before departure by road to Nong Khiow via Oudomxay where you can visit the temple of Pra Xack Kham with the sacred Buddha, who according to legend, has supernatural powers. You will arrive in Nong Khiow in the early evening.

    Lunch and dinner at a local restaurant. Overnight in Nong Khiow.
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  • Day 8
    Nong Khiow – Pak Ou – Luang Prabang
    After breakfast, transfer to the pier, then take a boat trip on the Nam Ou River, one of the major tributaries of the Mekong, to its mouth.

    You will pass many waterfalls, fishing villages, located on both sides of the river. En route you will visit the sacred caves of Pak Ou, which open on the side of the cliff on the bank of the Mekong at the mouth of the Nam Ou River. Visit the sanctuary sanctuaries of Tham Ting and Tham Poum, home to thousands of Buddha offerings accumulated over the centuries.

    Picnic lunch on board

    Stop at Ban Xang Hai village, specializing in the distillation of rice alcohol. Arrival in Luang Prabang at the end of the day. Transfer to the hotel then free time. Dinner in a local restaurant. Overnight at the hotel in Luang Prabang.

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  • Day 9
    Luang Prabang – Pakse
    Breakfast at the hotel. Visit of a weavers' village and homemade mulberry paper workshops in Xang Khong and visit of Wat Xieng Lek before transfer to the airport for flight to Pakse (flight QV513 10: 50- 12:40 pm, possible flight on Monday, Wednesday and Friday). Arrival in Pakse, transfer to the hotel. Breakfast in a local restaurant. In the afternoon, you will visit Wat Luang Temple which features a monks school in a period building. You will also visit a village specialized in sandstone sculpture. You will take a short walk to see people carving the Buddhas in the wild. From there, you can also visit a village where people make fabrics with their traditional method. You will end with a panoramic view of the Mekong.

    Dinner in a local restaurant. Overnight in Pakse.

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  • Day 10
    Pakse – Wat Phou – Khong Island

    Breakfast at the hotel. Bus transfer to the ancient capital Champassak, 40 km south of Pakse. Visit of the site of Wat Phou, classified since March 2002 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This temple dates from the pre-Angkorian period. Breakfast in a local restaurant. In the afternoon, continue to Khong Island, the largest island on the Mekong River. Dinner in a local restaurant. Overnight in Khong.

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  • Day 11
    Khong Island – Khone Papheng – Khong Island
    After breakfast. Embark on a local boat for 1h30 cruise to the peaceful islands of Done Det and Done Khone, formerly the terminals of the only railway built in Laos. Walk to Wat Khon Thai and Lippi Falls. Road towards Khone Papheng, on the Cambodian border, at the southern end of the country to admire the biggest Mekong waterfall in Laos. In the afternoon return to Khong Island. Lunch and dinner at a local restaurant. Overnight in Khong.

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  • Day 12
    Khong Island – Kiet Ngong – Pakse
    After lunch, transfer leaves the road to the temple Ou Moung. Then you will continue to the village of Ban Kiet Ngong for an elephant ride of 1h30 (2 people per elephant). Back to Pakse in the afternoon, transfer to the hotel. Lunch and dinner at a local restaurant. Night in Pakse.

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  • Day 13
    Pakse – Boloven – Tad Lo – Tad Yuang – Pakse
    After breakfast, visit the Bolaven plateau with a tour of the coffee and tea plantations. Then falls of Tad Lo. Possibility of stopping in minority villages. In the afternoon, continue to Tad Yuang Falls. Return to Pakse at the end of the day and transfer to the hotel. Lunch and dinner at a local restaurant. Night in Pakse.

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  • Day 14
    Paksé – Flight return
    Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the airport for the return flight. End of the trip.
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TRAVEL PRICE (Prix par personne en EUR)
(Depending on season, types of accommodation and activities)
(price per person in USD)
These prices are valid until 09/30/2020
  • The estimated budget for this trip is from 1 672 $ / person.
  • Talking about fixed prices when discussing about a tailored trip makes little sense. Indeed, it varies depending on many factors (quality of services, period, turnaround time and many more).
  • The only exact price will be the one of your personalized quote.
Category of hotels Group of 2 Group of 3- 5 Group of 6- 9 Sgl Suppl
Standard Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us
Superior Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us
Deluxe Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us
  • Supplement for the Vientiane-Luang Prabang ticket: 104.00 USD / pax. Included airport tax
  • Supplement for Luang Prabang-Pakse plane ticket: 136.00 USD / pax. Included airport tax
  • Supplement for the flight ticket Pakse - Siem Reap = 129.00 USD / pax. Included airport tax.
(Flight schedules and fares may be subject to change without notice by the airline.)

Name of the city / hotels list Standard Superior Deluxe
VIENTIANE Xaysomboun Boutique Hotel
( Superior Room)
Ansara Hotel
(Savvy Room)
Settha Palace
(Deluxe Room)
(Classic room)
Maison dalabua
(Grand Deluxe room) 
Satri House
(Deluxe room)
OUDOMXAY Namkat Yola Pa
(Superior Room)
Namkat Yola Pa
(Superior Room)
Namkat Yola Pa
(Superior Room)
(Bungalow – New Building)
Phou Iu 1
(Bungalow – New Building)
Phou Iu 1
(Bungalow – New Building)
LUANG NAM THA Boatlanding Guesthouse
(Standard Room)
Boatlanding Guesthouse
(Standard Room)
Boatlanding Guesthouse
(Standard Room)

These prices include
  • Land transport by private vehicle, air-conditioned
  • Hotel accommodation mentioned in the program or similar, breakfast included
  • Lunch and dinner (at local restaurants and / or at the hotel and on board the boats). Except the last day
  • The assistance of a english speaker-guide (1 guide in Vientiane, 1 guide in Luang Prabang and 1 guide in Pakse)
  • Entrance tickets for the visits mentioned in the program
  • The elephant ride
  • Procession of bonzes
  • The Baci ceremony
  • Boat tours on the Mekong
These prices do not include
  • Visa fee on arrival: 30 USD + 1 photo.
  • Domestic and international flights and airport taxes
  • Drinks, tips, personal expenses
  • Insurance and assistance
  • Any other service not mentioned above
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