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Nepal: a record number of tourists in 2018

05/07/2019 724 Views

Nepal recorded a 25% increase in attendance, confirming the recovery of a vital sector.

It's a record. In 2018, Nepal's tourist attendance surpassed one million visitors, with 1,173,072 tourists, according to the latest assessment by the Nepalese authorities. In all markets, the destination recorded a 25% increase in attendance, driven by a growing influx of visitors from India, China, the United States, Sri Lanka and Great Britain.

The French market also rising sharply

n France, the trend was just as positive in 2017, as 26140 French tourists left for Nepal, marking a rise of 25%, according to data from the latest list of tour operators L'Echo tourism. Another record, in 2018, 807 mountaineers reached the summit of Everest, the highest in the world. These figures are all the more good news for Nepal that the tourist activity had suffered severely following an earthquake, the largest that the country has known since 1934, which occurred during the peak of tourism. He had 9000 dead and caused immense destruction. Tourism accounted for 7.8% of Nepal's GDP in 2017, creating more than one million jobs, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council.

By Emilie Vignon in the Echo Touristique

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