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The beaches of Vietnam, ideal destinations for Valentine's Day

05/07/2019 615 Views
The beautiful beaches in central Vietnam are ideal destinations for Valentine's Day, according to an article published Feb. 13 on the Malaysian newspaper New Straits Times.

The author pointed out that Vietnam's central coastline is attracting more and more attention from beachgoers and honeymooners, and that couples can enjoy a relaxed, unencumbered atmosphere on palm-fringed beaches. Scenic steep coastline on a background of windswept mountain ranges and dunes. He suggested they visit these beaches in February, when the weather is cool and sunny, with few rainy days. The hot and dry season falls between March and September.
"With its succession of quaint seaside towns still out of mass tourism, the coast of Da Nang at Quy Nhon
offers a romantic holiday, "he wrote.The beauty of Dà Nang and Quy Nhon, as well as their characteristics, have been vividly described in the article.
With an international airport offering convenient connections, Dà Nang is a growing coastal city, lined with an impressive 60 km long shoreline, along with exciting street food and a vibrant nightlife. Dà Nang is home to many beaches, the most popular being My Khê and Non Nuoc.
Quy Nhon, with its wide boulevards and pleasant streets, retains much of its provincial sweetness. Its main asset lies in its unpretentious attractions, ranging from historic relics to wild seascapes, through its dotted mountains.
In the article, the author also recommended visits from Hoi An, Nha Trang and Mui Ne. He assured that the unique natural landscapes, people and culture of the Central Coast of Vietnam would provide vacationers with memorable experiences.
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